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We’ve done our homework, looked across the internet and found five of the strangest, funkiest and weirdest gadgets for your kitchen, so let’s dive in.

The Voodoo Knife Block

A simple yet ingenious idea, to store your knifes in a make shift Voodoo doll.  Designed in a choice of red, chrome, green or black and the ability to store up to five knifes (Also included) at different points situated in the body of the doll. We think it can be a perfect kitchen accompaniment. This will definitely provide a talking point at kitchen parties just make sure people are careful with the knifes.

Scrabble Beer Mats

For all the board gamers out there how about playing scrabble with your beer mats? This is something which will help with any drinking games. So it may be aimed for the mid twenty’s market but this is a gadget or sorts which will certainly liven up a party. For the true scrabble fans each coaster incorporates a single letter and the applicable points value on a replica wood design.

Pizza Power Tool

For all the want to be handy men out there, how about a power tool for cutting your pizza? Ok it’s not an actual power tool but the Pizza Boss 3000 is a simple pizza cutter that resembles a circular saw. Built to last with a laser etched stainless steel blade its simple to clean and great to show you’re the pizza builder.

Check mate with an Ice Chess Set

This is when real game play can happen, create your ice chess set, (Add a non-toxic water dye to one set) your now ready for a game. The beauty with this chess set as you lose pieces you can cool your drink down which means you’re in a win win situation.

Obsessive Compulsive?

Well we have the perfect gift for you, an OCD cutting board; you can cut your carrots to exactly the same length and width. The board is a simple design and means precision cooking in your kitchen perfect for that impressing meal when you have guests or just to keep your sanity if you are slightly obsessive compulsive.

All of the items above can be found on we simply took the ones we thought would create a good impact on guests to your household but more than that they will definitely add some fun to your evenings.

This article has been written by Kutchenhaus German Kitchens specialists in Kitchen design and manufacture.

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