Remove Duplicate Holidays from Outlook 2007 Through Easy Steps


Are you seeing duplicate holidays in your Outlook 2007 Calendar? Or looking at your Calendar in Outlook 2007, you are finding more than two copies of almost all holiday entries. This situation, wherein you have duplicate holidays or other duplicate entries in your Outlook Calendar, occurs when you sync it with your smartphone or import a Web Calendar to your Outlook. The internal cause for such unexpected behavior of Outlook is as follows:


The duplicate Calendar entry, whether it is a holiday or a meeting request, occurs because the syncing application or the mobile device that you are using does not support recurring pattern of Outlook. In such situations, every individual item is created on your device, and when you sync your device, this item is treated as a new item and thus, gets duplicated. To understand it more precisely, let us take an example:

Suppose you have a smartphone wherein your Outlook 2007 is configured, and you can check your emails and other mailbox items on your phone as well as on your computer. Another day, you got a list of holidays on your Outlook Calendar. As you are outside your office, so you accessed this Calendar entry in your smartphone and reaching office you also accepted it in on your desktop’s Outlook mailbox as well. Next time when you sync your smartphone Calendar to Outlook desktop Calendar through desktop sync application, the syncing application will not recognize these items and add them as new in your desktop mailbox. In this way, your Outlook mailbox will have duplicate entries of holidays in its Calendar.

You can delete duplicate holidays manually by following these steps:

  • Go to ‘Calendar’.

  • Select ‘View’ and navigate to ‘Current View >> Events’. This will give you a list of all the events in your Outlook Calendar.

  • Go to column header and right click on it. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Field Chooser’.

  • Now on the ‘Field Chooser’ box, click the down arrow and select ‘Date/Time fields’.

  • Select ‘Created’.

  • Drag ‘Created’ to the column header and close ‘Field Chooser’.

  • Select this newly added field (Created) on column header. This will sort all your events according to the date they were added to your Calendar.

  • Now find out the group of holidays that have duplicates and click the first one on this list to be deleted.

  • Scroll down to the last holiday that is to be deleted and select it by holding down the SHIFT key. By this you will highlight all the holidays that you want to delete.

  • Press ‘Delete’ key to delete all the selected and duplicated holidays.

However, situations may occur, wherein you have long list of duplicate holidays or you may find this manual process lengthy and time taking. In that case, use of an efficient Outlook duplicate remover is recommended. Professional Outlook duplicate remover software locates and deletes duplicate emails effectively. Most of the tools have intuitive user interface and are simple to use. Therefore, you can use one such tool for removing duplicate holidays from your Outlook 2007 Calendar.

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