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The Web moved so fast between 2011 – 2013 that even the strongest bodybuilder’s neck would break if he tried to turn his head watching the Web’s advancement speed. WordPress as a CMS, jQuery, Ajax, Hundreds of Frameworks, HTML5 Workers, New Tags, CSS3, HTML Video and Audio Elements… Desktop Application Development is dying and Web Application Development is emerging because:

  • Web Development become simply easier
  • It is cross-platform: you just need a browser than can interpret CSS3 & HTML5 and Javascript
  • It reaches everywhere – No downloads, just click on the link or type it in the address bar
  • Designers can focus their creativity on something revenue-generating
  • Designers have more tools to let their creativity strive on
  • Everybody wants to be heard on the Internet

But the biggest one of them, is that, you just access the URL, and you are in. No waiting for application opening, no dealing with impossible to decipher error messages, and most of the web apps i’ve seen can be used easily even by my grandma.

So all of you get with the times, the users and the developers, the hipster designers and the boring coders, and combine like yin and yang under these new technologies, which will fatten your pocket, as well as give you great fun and amazement using them.

So let us enlist the top dogs:

1 – JSON

Youngest son of the JavaScript object notation, it totally replaces XML as the default data transmission method. I see more and more API’s implementing them. It reduces data load and also is designed beautifully, with a perfect integration with Javascript. Combined with Ajax makes one of the most powerful methods for dynamic content updates.

2 – HTML5 Workers

Equivalent of the POSIX Threads mechanism, HTML5 Workers are the components in JavaScript that run independently of other components. You can update multiple content (such as different stocks), run a canvas editor, and many different things updating, event firing and working at the same time.

3 – jQuery

Started out as a DOM selector toolkit, it extended into a both full-fledged UI Widget Kit and Mobile Phone Application Development Kit. This is one of the awesomest technologies i’ve ever seen on the front-end. I’ve wrotten a whole voting system, an RSS aggregator, and an interpreter, just by 10 lines of Model code, 5 lines of controller code in PHP, and 20 lines of jQuery. The UI part is even more awesome, as you can have the most popular widgets (and extend them at your will) in 3-4 lines of code. You have accordions, tabs, sliders, and you name it.  Long live jQuery! 🙂

4 – CSS3

The almighty replacement for the slow and badly designed Flash dynamic pages.The powerful and insightful God s of the Web offered this to us as a sign of their genius where we can build responsive and animated beautiful web content that warms our hearts in awe and excitement.

We will come back with more of these soon!

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