Review: The iPad Macally Bookstand Case


iPad Macally Bookstand Case

I bought the only iPad case available when I bought my iPad because I knew I would need it. Everyday there are new cases being introduced. If you are willing to destroy you Apple iPad case, you would be able to put it on the Dock/Keyboard Dock, otherwise you can forget it. It is also very difficult to remove the iPad and put it back in the case. That is when I started hunting for a new style case. The best bookcase I won (out of three) is the Macally Bookstand Case because it slides in and out perfectly.  The Macally Bookstand is a great compromise to the other cases that have docks and sleeves that won’t allow the iPad to stand when you want to watch videos.

The iPad is easy to enclose in the Macally Bookstand Case. It has four corner holders that you can snap it into. Three of the sides are not very protected because the controls and ports are showing. A strap made of leather folds over and the case itself feels like suede. It can be used for left or right-handed people because it opens from both ends. If you want it to stand like an easel, all you have to do is flip everything upside down and around and pull the strap through. It only takes a few seconds to use it as a dock as well. That’s all there is to it!  This is perfect for traveling as well because of its thin physique.

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  1. Jose, Well I was impressed with the MaCally iPad case, however I wanted to see what other iPad cases were out there so I headed to Amazon and Overstock. I did find a impressive assortment of other brands like Otterbox, Incase, Mivizu, Belkin, Speck. I even found some real trendy brands like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, and Donna Karan and even Issey Miyake. While the assortment is deep and wide, I was still looking for a clean, sophisticated design with an elegant appeal to simplism. After review all the brands, I settled for Mivizu. The have great customer reviews, the product has well design and meaningful layout that serves it’s us and purpose. I found an iPad case that delivered on all my requirements, including delivering a great value against some of the other competing brands. The case was a little too much for me. I do like, but I instead choose something a little more minimalist with clean contours and outlines. The biggest drawback with the MaCally case is price itself. Mivizu has an equally shell with EPI technology for half the price. here is what i ordered.

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