Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Targeted by Apple


It seems like the legal battles between handset developers continue. This time, Apple is asking the court to issue an injunction to prevent any more of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus handset from being sold. Apple contends that the handsets violate four exclusive Apple patents. This event is another part of the ongoing legal battle between the two companies.

Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus Targeted by AppleApple’s argument is that Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus, which uses the latest version of Android, is the most threatening competitor to Apple’s iPhone market. They say that the Galaxy Nexus poses a serious threat to Apple’s market share. The suit filed by Apple alleges that Samsung has knowingly added features to the Galaxy Nexus that are exclusive property of Apple.

This suit is different than the one filed almost a year ago by Apple against Samsung. This previous suit focuses on technical patents. However, the current claim made by Apple pertains solely to design patents. For instance, one of the patents in question centers on a feature dubbed slide to unlock. This allows users to slide a button across the screen in order to unlock the phone. A second patents deals with technology that allows the device to search many different sources of information simultaneously. This feature was needed to operate the voice assistant feature called Siri. Apple claims that the Galaxy Nexus handles searches in the same manner. Another reported patent violation was for information detection. This made it possible for the phone to recognize certain types of information. For instance, if the phone recognized that a piece of information was a phone number, users could simply click on the number and that call could be placed.

In response to these allegations, Samsung continued to assure customers that it would defend their technology against the claims made by Apple. Some analysts believe Apple’s actions are their way to deal with the increasing success of Google’s Android operating system. Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus was the first phone designed by a handset developer (Samsung) and Google. With the newest version of the Android operating system, the Galaxy Nexus has become quite popular as both a pay as you go model and as one of their range of contract phones.

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