Salesforce Data Management – Why Is It Important?


Salesforce is a great Customer relationship management (CRM) tool which is used by many companies across the globe. It is not just a medium sized business or a big multinational company which use Salesforce but there are small businesses too which take the advantage of this cloud computing technology to manage their customer database and keep track of client interactions. Salesforce data management is of high quality and it allows the users to keep a track of everything related to interaction with the clients and closing the sales call. There is no other CRM tool which can handle the big amount of customer data and processes in such a smart manner which Salesforce does.

Salesforce Data Management – Why Is It Important?

Salesforce Data Management

Salesforce CRM contains big amount of data which comes from external and internal sources. The effective management of this data which includes refining the quality, removing duplication, data consistency and others is called Salesforce data management. The motive is to maintain a usable quality of data throughout the organization so that the business decisions are taken correctly and efficiently using a quality data.

Why is Salesforce Data Required?

The data management in Salesforce is very important because the data and information comes from a variety of departments not only internal to the company but also from the external sources. Understanding how the information is tied together and how data integration relates to a bigger picture enables better decision making environment in the organization. High efficiency of the decisions based on the Sales, customer data and others create higher efficiency in the organization. A complete 360 degree view of the organization can be achieved if the data quality is high and it helps executives and decision makers to make effective and informed decisions.

A poor quality of data which may be the result of mismanagement can cause significant loss and inefficiency in the working of the organization. For example if you have duplicate records of customers in your Sales Lead data, then it may cause issues when you try to make sales call to them. It is possible that you call one single twice or thrice or the number of times the duplicates are there. This frustrates your prospects and the time and labor both are spent without any profit. Therefore removing the duplicates is important by doing proper data management processes in the organization.

Another important thing in data management is to identify which data is required and where it should be. Once your data is captured, it has to be extracted and cleansed and transformed into a usable one and this consistency has to be maintained throughout its usage in the organization. Salesforce instance in a company may be a big rollout and the consistency of Salesforce data has to be managed in all the departments using Salesforce which includes internal as well as external resources. By using best Salesforce data management practices and tools the quality of data can be improved as well as maintained in the organization.

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