Samsung Galaxy S6 Extended Review, Future Technologies & Price Expectations


Future Technologies in Samsung Galaxy S6

One of the things that people look forward to in a new smart phone is the technology. When a new smart phone is released, the updates to the technology are what people anticipate the most. This is the same case if and when Samsung releases the Samsung Galaxy S6. People are expecting to see some major technological advancement. One of those is wireless charging. The one thing that people have to struggle with especially with smart phones is the charging. They lose power very fast and that is why smart phone users are always looking for portable chargers.

Wireless charging would put an end to that. There are already some devices in the market that allow for wireless charging. So, the concept may not be quite a novelty. Samsung however is expected to develop a different mode of wireless charging. The technology that is being worked on now could mean longer ranges when charging wirelessly. That is one thing that people complain about when it comes to wireless charging. The range is usually restricted. If this new technology Samsung is working on comes in the Galaxy S6, it would mean more convenience.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Extended Review, Future Technologies & Price Expectations

The battery technology may also get a boost. That is one thing that everyone would look forward to. A smart phone battery that goes up to 36 hours would be much more appreciated. 4,000 mAh would give a Samsung Galaxy S6 user maximum power. A fingerprint sensor is also one technology that people should look out for. It is not exactly new technology, only relatively so. It would provide the highest level of protection for the user. Samsung may develop other forms of phone security between now and 2015 when the Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected. It may even get upgrades to the fingerprint sensor.

Flexible glass is also one possibility that people are hoping for. It would mean a whole new experience with smart phone display. People would stop worrying about their displays getting damaged so easily. Technology is all about stretching the bounds of reality and testing new concepts. Samsung has no problem doing this. This is why the Samsung Galaxy S6 will be one smart phone that will embody all kinds of new technology. The best thing about technology is that there is always something better to look forward to and that is exactly what the Galaxy S6 promises.

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