Samsung Galaxy S7 | The Upcoming Smartphone Revolution


The Galaxy S6 took the FHD idea to QHD display, yet for Galaxy S7, Samsung will move to UHD, a gigantic determination of 3840 × 2160 in a 5.3 inch screen. This guarantees one gave use and the new AMOLED screen will give you all the more sharp and distinctive hues without devouring much power. Samsung’s prerogative will make a tremor in the entire telephone coliseum since the AMOLED innovation has demonstrated to one intense contender for IPS boards.

What’s more, shouldn’t something be said about the body? The Gorilla glass 4 on the S6’s back gives a gleaming back however in the event that somebody who drops their telephone commonly, it’s an awful news. All things considered, for Samsung Galaxy S7 Samsung will totally jettison the glass backing for a totally metallic one with matte completion, so no stresses, S7 will have the capacity to take a tumble or two with no issues. There will be a slight bezel for the S7 also making the presentation feel like it’s going to stream off the edges. Samsung Galaxy S7 will bolster PMA and Qi guidelines for that light packer in you.

Samsung Galaxy S7 The Upcoming Smartphone Revolution

Galaxy S7 Battery

Samsung was seen taking a shot at some new equipment and one was an augmented 3,800 mAh battery. In the event that this is for the Samsung Galaxy S7, then we are in for truly an astonishment. Regardless of what we look like at it, this entire set up will last an entire day of substantial utilization even the force client going after the charger toward the day’s end.

Furthermore, one cool element will be that the battery will removable significance you can swap it out when you’re on a trip or in case you’re utilizing the Samsung Galaxy S7 as a camera. The Galaxy S7 will face stiff competition from upcoming Google Nexus 2015.

Galaxy S7 Storage

It’s vague as to with variant of Android will it run, however whichever way Samsung Galaxy S7 will be one intense bundle and the touch sensor will be enhanced too. We likewise got the news that Samsung will be discharging the Galaxy S7 in three variations, 32, 64 & 128 GB with all them having 128 GB extension. For more news and updates regarding upcoming Samsung Galaxy S7 stay tuned to !

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