Samsung Galaxy Tab: A Complete Review


Tech world is somewhat shifting from orthodox PCs and laptops to more advanced and if rightly said more mobile version of computers. With the launching of tech giant Apple’s iPad a race for developing tablet computers has started. Apple’s iPad has been the company’s hottest selling gadget of this year and it totally revolutionized the way people interact with their computers. But with the iPad in the market, all the other tech giants including the likes of Microsoft, Google, Samsung and Blackberry also started their development programs for high tech tablets, aiming to reduce the traditional PC. The first rival of Apple‘s iPad that came across the market scene was the consumer electronics giant Samsung. Rather after the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab is the most anticipated Tablet device that is about to hit the market.

According to the industry analysts out there Samsung Galaxy Tablet has set an excellent first impression on tech lovers or gadget lovers in the market and it seems that Samsung Galaxy Tablet is the device that Apple’s iPad should worry about as a serious competitor. The Samsungs’ Galaxy Tab is extremely light weight, attractive looking and is equipped with almost all of the essential features that a normal tablet variant of a PC is equipped with.

Many of the industry experts have tagged it as more advanced and versatile than a Tablet PC. It is indeed sort of a master piece and is introduced by a very renowned company in the field of consumer electronics. The first look of the Tablet is impressive as the design is particularly eye catching; the device supports 1080p Video playback and DivX videos as well, along with Flash Video playbacking

One of the amazing features that Samsung Galaxy Tab houses is its multi-functionality.  It can be used as a normal phone as well as being an excellent tablet. The Device supports fast 3G network and is powered by Google’s Android platform. This means that it can support almost 10000 of apps present in the Android market Place.

Technical Features

According to many tech Bloggers out there who have written detailed reviews about the device, the best part about it is that it is powered by Google’s open source Android platform that is slowly and gradually becoming a success and is increasing its market share. Samsung’s Galaxy Tab is equipped with the most advanced version of the Android Platform that is the Android 2.2 and teamed up with Samsung’s extra special TouchWiz interface which gives it an extra advantage over existing rivals. It has a 7 inch TFT LCD screen and although this display size is quite smaller than the other variants available out there including the Apple’s iPad and the Blackberry Tablet device but overall it’s a good pleasing display.

It has a total thickness of 10mm giving off a look like of a book that has fine corners and is sleek and well designed. The device is a combo of black and white colors with the front and the sides that are black and the rear side is glossy white. The back side of the tablet houses a Camera also contains an LED Flash to light up the photos that the user is taking and the inclusion of an elegant logo makes the Galaxy Tab more perfect. The Tablet contains two cameras in total, one at the front and the other one at the back. The front one is strictly VGA camera that supports video calling over a 3G or a 4G network, the back camera is 3.2 MP. This contains an additional array of features supplementing photography features.

Performance Factors

The performance factor in term of the network is pretty awesome as the 5.76 Mbps HSUPA powers the fast internet via 3G network. The device is also equipped with     an 802.11 WiFi capabilities and it can be paired with the other devices as well via Bluetooth 3.0. The device response is pretty swift when we open several pages at the same time and the response is seamless. The device also buffers flash videos quite well and performs perfectly when users play the videos

Android Marketplace Integration

Powered by Android, the device is compatible with a huge base of Android Application Market and the varying amount of developers is designing applications and games for the platform. There are some real innovative applications particularly related to Google Platform like the Google Goggles app that works amazingly with the rear camera. You just need to point the camera to a particular landmark or place and this stunning app will give you all the information available of that place. The Google Latitude integration lets the users to keep a detailed track of their movements and their location. A lot of others are also available from the application market; scores of Application are also available from Google’s integral store. Considering all the good points about the Galaxy Tab there is only a small issue, the disruption between the screen size and the resolution of the pixels supported by the App. But these minor issues will be tackled soon enough

Storage Options

One of the most vital factors is the device storage capacity and the connectivity variant, which has either a 16GB or 32GB of on-board memory. Users can further beef it up to the more high levels using MicroSD cards.


So winding it up, this is indeed an amazing Gadget by Samsung with a bundle of features and it seems that the other tech giants planning to launch their versions of the Tablet will have to bear the brunt of Samsung and come up with something much better.

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