Samsung Latest Smartphone Galaxy Apollo: A Complete Review


There is no doubt that Mountain Valley California based search engine giant Google is popular for its innovations and successful tools. The same goes for Google mobile software platform. It has taken off big time and is slowly and gradually racking up the market share. One of the best things about Android is its availability for various kinds of phones; no matter if it is the specification heavy Smartphone with a hefty price tag or it is the mid-range or low range Smartphone. According to the industry and telecomm analysts, this unique quality of Android as compared to its other rivals like Apple and Blackberry is making it a running success.

Samsung recently launched its mid-range Smartphone called as the Galaxy Apollo i5800 which initially was launched and sold by Orange for the initial three months for a price tag of almost 150 pounds, the phone was also available free of contract. Well for this price tag, Samsung’s Galaxy Apollo i5800 houses some pretty amazing features. For example, the WiFi facility supports both the ‘n’ standards as well as the additional ‘b’ and ‘g’ standards. The Galaxy Apollo i5800 is powered by Android 2.1 and also has the GPS and the 3G capabilities.

If the user gets the handset from Orange, he will be offered two skin options, plus an app for switching between these skins. First off, there is Orange’s own skin with a custom Homescreen and then it is Samsung’s own skin that bring the handset visually in consonance with the TouchWiz interface that is designed specifically for Samsung’s products.

Physical Specifications

On the physical specifications side, the phone clearly indicates that it has been built on a lot of budget cutting paranoia. The handset is a little bit chunky with almost 13mm thickness while the rest of the chassis is like normal Smartphones. The front of the Smartphone chassis is glassy and gives a good look. There is quite a large Home Button under the glassy touch screen and also a set of touch sensitive buttons for the popping up of the Android Menu. There is also a back function that helps in giving feedback.

The screen size is 3.2 inches but on the pixels side, it is a little short, offering just a mere 400×240 pixel size. The screen resolution is pretty clear while reading text. The clarity and sharpness are also excellent.

Samsung’s Galaxy Apollo i5800 is designed by the company to target young generation of users who always want to be connected on-the-go, especially the Social Networking realm. A simple widget can bring all the social networking hubs like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Similarly contacts from Yahoo, Hotmail and Google can also be pulled in together.

There is a 3.2 MP camera but on the downside, there is no Flash and similarly no button for launching the camera quickly, so taking a quick snap is a bit difficult. On the multimedia side, there is a FM radio that starts quickly and battery life is pretty good. So, all in all, this is a good Smartphone for those who really want to be connected with their friends on the social networking platforms while on the go.

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