Samsung launching Galaxy S IV in 2013


According to one Korean site Samsung Galaxy S IV which will be launched in late February of 2013 will have Super AMOLED displays whose resolution will be 1920×1080 with a pixel density of 411 PPI. There is also rumor about Samsung that it will integrate full-HD display in smart phone which will make the Samsung’s flagship device the first one to have full-HD display on Smart phones. The smart phone will be packed with Samsung’s Exynos 5450 chipset and a 2 GHz quad-core Cortex processor. There will be two cameras. The primary camera will have 13 MP the secondary or rear camera will have 8 MP.

This big news was popped out by Korea Times speaking with unnamed Samsung executive. The report says that Samsung will announce its Galaxy S IV in February of 2013 at Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress. And the smart phones will be available in the stores by March. If this news will become true then the Galaxy S III will be replaced after nine month. Waiting for Galaxy S IV means waiting for the new powerful smartphone with good quality display, excellent digital sound, wider screen size and bigger storage capacity.

Only some of the features that Galaxy IV will have been known. Not a clear picture of Samsung Galaxy S IV has been provided by Samsung. Nobody knows the news about launching of Samsung S IV is just a rumor or not.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S4

Better S-Voice

The current voice quality we found in Galaxy phone is just good but with the lunch of Galaxy S IV music lover will be happier due to the graded digital sound.

Better Mac support

Mac users accounts only 0.000001% of Android owners on the current time but it is said that Galaxy S4 will support it more.

Better charging

Currently we have to plug in and charge the battery. With the lunch of Galaxy S 4 there might be lots of change. May be the kinetic energy will charge the battery.

Better media offerings

Samsung has various admirable hubs. The music hub is the popular one which ha s lots of functionality for streaming and radio recommendation.

We have to wait more than three months to get the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Due to the new features and the upgraded hardware, Galaxy S IV will really rock. It will be the advanced and unbeatable smartphone of that time. Samsung is increasing and adding some extra features to the new products than the older one.

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