Samsung SGH-T509 Phone Review


Samsung SGH-T509 Phone Review

Do you believe that a low budget necessarily means a cheap phone? Not anymore at the rate technology has progressed and continues to progress. The Samsung SGH-T509 is a very stylish, even sexy GSM phone; quite probably the thinnest one available on the market. It is equipped with VGA camera, Bluetooth, speakerphone, voice memo and EDGE data options. The best part of it all is the phone can be purchased for approximately $50 with contract.

The Samsung SGH-T509 is a tough model that is built to last. According to the reviews online, dropping it in the toilet or dropping it on the ground does not seem to affect its performance one bit. The phone despite its candy bar appearance being only 9.8mm thick is a real performer, good looks not withstanding.

Overall the general consensus of the reviews by people who have used the Samsung SGH-T509 is that it’s a very good phone. It is credited with having a user friendly menu and decent battery time. Where the phone fails is in the speaker volume and call volume, which can at best be described as mediocre. The message box offers storage space for only 30 messages so make sure you delete as you go.
The Samsung SGH-T509 features a large 256K color screen that makes it perfect for streaming video viewing. The phone has an integrated camera and viewing pictures taken on the phone’s vivid screen is great. The phone is equipped with a high speed EDGE network that allows users to browse the internet and download data at a far greater speed than the regular GSM handsets do. The Bluetooth feature makes the use of peripheral devices decidedly easy.

The Samsung SGH T509 with its clean lines and aesthetic appeal has an LCD screen and tactile keyboard that make using it a pleasure. The screen’s resolution is reasonably good at 176 x 220 megapixels. The 5 way keypad is designed for standard navigation and located at the front of the phone. It also has individual keys that allow users to text faster. You will find the volume keys on located on the left edge and the camera key on the right, enhancing the minimalist design of the phone.
The camera lens is set into the back of the phone and is easy to use. Should users feel the urge to take self portraits they can use the mirror provided for this purpose. Even group shots come out a whole lot better with the mirror option.

In addition to going to great lengths to minimize the phone’s thickness, Samsung has also labored over keeping the weight down to just 2.7 ounces. A real flyweight, you can easily forget you are carrying the phone! For more handsfree usability there’s a special speaker grill set near the camera lens at the back of the phone.

The disadvantages to using the Samsung SGH T509 include low alarm volume, too loud vibration and low battery life. Overall a very reliable, highly resilient phone that is hugely cost effective.

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