Samsung Smart Windows To Revolutionise The Home


Samsung trumped the competition to land the innovation award at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for its Smart Window Display. In what looks like something right out of a latest Hollywood Sci-Fi film the Smart Window aims to replace your humdrum double glazing with sleek LCD transparent glass which also doubles as a touchscreen gadgetry wonder.

The “Transparent Smart Window” will include social widgets, a bucket load of applications and the ability to surf the net as well as my personal favourite virtual blinds – pretty much everything you’d expect from a Smart Window. And fret not, those snooping neighbours will not be able to see the panel from the outside.

The conception undoubtedly scores high on the home technology front and Samsung should be given admiration for even attempting to create this giant see through iPad. However they’re questions to be answered, first and foremost I suspect I will have to have pockets as deep as the Mariana Trench to be able to afford one of these. I remember when I accidently cracked my neighbours UPVC window with a ball, my parents made me work all summer until I had paid every last penny back. If this was a Smart Window I’m sure I’d be still in debt to this very day, what I am saying is make sure you put up your “No Ball Games” sign.

Secondly it is not practical to stand and use a touch screen, you’ll soon be tired and the disgruntled owner of a very sore back. Lastly, I have enough screens already; do I really need another one, do we have to turn everything into a ‘smart’ innovation, what next the iFloor?

The Smart Window is still very much a concept device but the people at Samsung have allegedly rubber stamped Q4 2012 for production.

Despite all the shortcomings of this huge transparent, one way mirror touchscreen the tech magic behind it all puts a huge smile on my face. How can you not be excited about the prospect of playing Angry Birds in super-size mode?

You can view a demo of the Smart Screen here:

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