Sennheiser Aviation Headset Review


Headsets are a necessity when you work with planes. While pilots and co-pilots use them during flights, ground workers at the airports also need them. Headsets serve two primary purposes: to help you communicate with others and to protect your ears. Sennheiser aviation headsets offer these important features and much more.

These headsets come with a variety of features that have made them one of the best-selling brands for the last six decades. When it comes to working with planes, you want quality headsets, not just something you can connect with your computer at home. Consider the many benefits of Sennheiser headsets:

Noise Control

The noises made by planes of all sizes are enough to be highly concerned about. Even if you don’t work with planes on a daily basis, brief exposure to the loud noises on a long-term basis can adversely affect your eardrums. Such sounds can affect your ears even when you’re safely inside a plane.

Sennheiser’s unique design encloses your ears to protect the eardrums from future damage. This is one of the most common functions of aviation headsets, but not all brands are made alike. If you want serious noise protection, you should consider investing in a Sennheiser set.


Sennheiser aviation headsets are equipped with microphones to help you communicate on-the-spot. While you might occasionally use a hand-held or desktop microphone to communicate with others, you will undoubtedly appreciate the convenience of the built-in microphone on your Sennheiser set.


The problem with cheap, no-name brand headsets is that they are just downright uncomfortable. It pays to have the comfort and quality you need to go about your business inside or outside of the plane. This is especially the case if you need wear headsets frequently as well as for long periods of time.

Quality and Variety

Sennheiser aviation headsets are consistently sought after because of their quality. Not many headset brands have been on the market for as long as Sennheiser, and this is due to the fact that consumers will pay for quality products they can rely on.

Also, SkyGeek sells a variety of Sennheiser headsets to meet your needs. While most come with microphones and audio options, some designs are solely noise guards that are suitable for your passengers. A variety of styles and color ear domes can also add a splash of character to the typical boring headset.

Purchase Your Set

When you purchase your Sennheiser headsets from SkyGeek, you are eligible for added bonuses, including:

  • Free shipping on select models
  • Top quality you can depend on with every purchase
  • No refurbished models

In addition, SkyGeek offers superior customer service that no company can beat. If you have any questions regarding your Sennheiser headset, the company is happy to find you the answers. This family company is a proud seller of Sennheiser headsets, and it remains one of their own favorite brands because of all the added features and benefits.

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