SEO: The Use Of Analytics


Measuring a website’s performance is a key factor of SEO that any business or company should consider. There are numerous factors of analytics that should be taken into account, these include:

–          Demographics

–          User behaviour

–          Technology

–          Site navigation

–          Traffic sources

–          Interaction

–          Search terms


Using demographic data helps us to identify regional search engines that have been used to locate your website. After analysing where the traffic is being driven from, a company can ensure that their products or service are tailored to the correct regional audience.

User Behaviour

It is important to appreciate the behavioural traits of visitors in order to identify trends and optimise opportunities. The New:Returning visitor ratio, engagement process and the click path analysis should all be considered in order to maximise SEO potential. By identifying the behavioural traits of visitors, we can understand the effectiveness of your site layout and how visitors use it.


With most individuals owning a smartphone or tablet and over 50% of all internet browsing carried out on a mobile device, it is vital to understand how your visitors will be accessing your site. Introducing an adapted, mobile variation of your website increases the ease of use when on a mobile device. With easy navigation on your site, a client is more likely to return. Consequently, the introduction of a mobile site is becoming an increasingly significant factor of success.

Site Navigation

To encouraging a positive customer experience, ease of navigation is a fundamental part of a successful website. Through the employment of site navigation analysis, we can assess the success of a visitors experience by monitoring how long it takes a visitor to access their desired information and, therefore, identify the necessary adaptations needed to improve a visitor’s experience.

Traffic Sources

Analytics allows us to see exactly where traffic is being sourced from. Connections built between a trader and service provider can form the basis of a long lasting professional relationship, therefore, monitoring the volume of traffic to your site and the source of the link allows you to identify valuable business connections and, consequently, build upon these relations.


By using analytics, you can find out the duration of customer visits, page depth and page views that your company’s website receives. Therefore, by understanding how visitors use your site, a digital marketing agency can measure the performance and engagement of your site – optimising various elements to benefit your company.

Search Terms

You may have a brilliant website with all the best information, however, if your website can’t be found, it won’t generate business. By using analytics to identify exactly what individuals search for, you can tailor your site to these keywords and, consequently, maximise the potential of your website.

By Sarah-Jayne Culver; a Digital Marketing Consultant at providing Digital Marketing Services throughout the UK

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