Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone


Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

There are many different styles of smartphones available, and it may be a little overwhelming to try to choose from the many types. There are several factors to consider when choosing a phone.

1. Do You Have a Preferred Carrier?

Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

Some phones are available exclusively with one carrier. For example, the new Blackberry Torch is only available from AT&T. If you have a preferred carrier, this may limit your choice of phones.

2. What Features Do You Want?

Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

Each phone has its pros and cons. Do you need GPS or a built-in camera? What apps do you plan to use? A few hours spent researching what is available can save you time and money.

3. Are There Budget Considerations?

While most smartphones are similar in price, monthly plans can vary widely. For example, if you plan to watch Internet TV or streaming movies, a data limit of five gigabytes per month can lead to expensive overages on your bill.

4. Is the Phone a Good Fit?

If the keypad is awkward to use, a two-year plan can seem to go on forever. If the phone is “a little” uncomfortable in the store, it can become a major annoyance in daily use. Is the phone too bulky to fit comfortably in your pocket?

5. Does the Phone Give You Options?

Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

Many smartphones now come with microSD cards to add memory for pictures, music, and video. What accessories are available for the phone? Do the available cases fit your personal style?

Some plans don’t charge for browsing on Wi-Fi. So if your home or office has Wi-Fi, this may be a good option for you.

6. Do you have a preferred brand of phone?

Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

If you’ve always had good experiences with a certain brand of phone, you may want to stick with it especially, if you have a collection of accessories to go with that brand.

7. Are there other considerations?

Seven Tips for Choosing a Smartphone

Do friends, family, or co-workers have a preferred brand or app that you need or want to match? Does your employer or client prohibit cameras?

Some new phones have different styles of SIM cards. Will you be able to easily import your contacts from your old phone?

Do you want to make sure you have the latest technology? It seems that a new smartphone is being introduced almost every month, and it may be virtually impossible to have “the latest” without spending hundreds of dollars on phones. Concentrate on finding the best fit with what’s available now.

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