Siri..Everything You Need To Know


Apple iPhone is ruling the world with best new technology advancements in their new models and features. The Siri is the main reason why Apple iPhone is enjoying the current continued success worldwide. Siri is a voice assistant which has better benefits than a human being. It has a voice recognition capability. The developer of Siri was Dag Kittlaus in United States in 2010. IOS went through major improvements as the new operating system IOS 5 from Apple was released in 2011. Siri was the virtual assistant fully integrated with IOS 5.0.  Before we start discussing Siri, you must know that Siri is a dedicated app for Apple devices and if you want to use Siri on any android phone you will have to find some alternates of Siri for Android.

Siri..Everything You Need To Know

Integration of Siri With IOS

Siri is an independent app and it has built in features like mail, reminders, calendar, notes, stocks, weather and music to name a few. IOS 6 was integrated with iPad but Siri got a real lift in its popularity when IOS 7 made it an integral part of operating system. In IOS 8, Siri was improved further to be able to recognize the voice commands. It was able to initialize with the command “Hey Siri” It was awesome facility for the people involved in any activity around the world. A person during sleep, driving, in the kitchen or in the kitchen, can use siri effortlessly for any information or service they can ordinarily not receive without some effort.

Awesome things Siri Can Do

It takes a little time , maybe a few weeks or days if you are familiar with Apple products, but getting to know Siri is very important to make the best use of it. Some awesome amazing things you can ask Siri for you with speed and accuracy. A human personal assistant is no match in speed for Siri. Some people think Siri is only good for pulling up information, that is a misconception. Let us see how Siri can do much more than Google Search For you.

Activate Siri

Before getting the benefits from Siri in your personal or professional life, you have to activate Siri. That is very easy process.  You can press the Home Button on your Apple device and keep it pressed down until the Siri interface appears on your screen. Siri can be activated by saying “Hey Siri” on the latest version of IOS like IOS 9.0. No need to do it manually with fingers.

Searching For Things With Siri

One of the best thing Siri assistant can do for you when it is activated is search for you.Siri has the amazing ability to use the web and internet services to pull out the useful information on any and every topic. The results are more useful with Siri because Siri will bring out the movie times near your area, sports scores, weather forecast, stock exchange details and much more for you.

Create Reminders

The days of remembering things in your mind or writing them down on notepad are over, now the incredible Siri will do this for you automatically by its reminders service. Simply say “ Remind me to ….”  And Siri will add your reminder to its list.

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