Skype: Growing In Power And Popularity


Skype is a superb VoIP service application that has grown extremely well over recent years in both its quality of service and popularity not just among young people but also the older generations as well. What is really great about Skype is that it is a free application that you can easily download within minutes, set up a username, password and then you are ready to talk with friend’s, family or work colleagues via your computer.

How Does It Work?

For those unsure of what Skype is and how it works, we will explain a little background on the service it provides. Skype operates over the VoIP protocol which means ‘voice over internet protocol’ and this essentially means that it uses the internet to transfer data which is usually voice phone calls or video calls.

So as long as you both have a good internet connection and Skype downloaded on to your computer, you can literally have a phone conversation with that person via your computer anywhere in the world for free.


Since being established Skype has gone from strength to strength for 2 main reasons. The first reason is that Skype heavily relies on good internet connections and as broadband is being rolled out to all major cities in most countries world wide, it means the service has a superb platform to operate on. Secondly Skype has put a lot of time and effort into making the service completely user friendly in both setup, download and the services they offer and this is a fundamental reason why they remain the leading VoIP provider today.

Draw Backs?

As with any application on the internet there are always security fears and when it comes to people’s phone calls, there is a higher scrutiny applied to any VoIP services. There have been a few Skype security breaches such as the China breach in 2006 where one of their distributing partners was found to be monitoring various keywords and logging users calls and messages for analysis.

There needs to be more done in security for Skype if they want to gain a bigger share of the business and commercial market, however for the personal use market, the security in place seems more than adequate. You can be sure that Skype are working hard at making their call service security more robust to potential hackers and if they can succeed in doing this effectively then they will be sure to remain the number 1 service provider for some time to come.


Skype is a superb innovation and as the internet speeds improve each year, Skype’s service will improve along with it. If they can keep the new services coming out, improve the security of the service and keep the usability of the service as simple as it is then they will continue to have success.

Jonathan is working with Veritas Health and Safety Consultants who specialise in fire risk assessments, asbestos surveys, health and safety regulations, workplace safety and CSCS card tests.

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