Smartphones Becoming Key Asset In Fleet Management


Everyone has a smartphone these days. They are a very important business tool. I know I would be totally lost without my Android phone. Thankfully there are many apps available to business owners to help make their business productive while they are on the move. If you are in charge of managing a global fleet, or a domestic one, the same goes for you. The use of these apps along with Trailer Tracking Systems on Android is on the rise. It is estimated that by the year 2016 the businesses subscribing to these apps and systems will be well over 30 million. That’s a huge number. It just goes to show you that going mobile works and is a very useful practice to get into.

And this growth isn’t only limited to the large domestic and global fleet companies. Smaller fleets such as delivery services, public and even private transportation companies are now beginning to take advantage of the technology that comes with having a smartphone. This is being made possible due to the fact that vendors who provide these apps are beginning to focus on the smaller businesses and offering a more cost effective option for them.

The main appeal of using these apps seems to be that you can communicate information over the “air” to other mobile devices. Companies are now starting to find more and more uses for this type of technology. This is called mobile telematics. And its greatest feature is its ability to transmit vehicle information and statistics wirelessly so that it can be looked at and documented in real-time. Having this available to fleet managers allows them to make timely decisions that will aid the overall efficiency of the fleet. These decisions can be made from any location which is also a huge plus.

Along with mobile data transmitting, Android offers satellite GPS navigation and vehicle tracking. We all know of the important of having a reliable GPS system at our disposal. It can be a priceless commodity when you are on a serious deadline and have a delivery to make that absolutely must be on time. It can reroute around any construction or traffic delays and sometimes, that can save the day. Telematics also allows the global fleet manager to track the vehicles in real-time. These tracking systems work hand in hand with your GPS system. It allows the manager to instantly see the vehicle’s location and current speed. The manager can also see the job status and any important alerts as to the driver’s driving habits. It can be an invaluable tool when it comes to driver safety.

So, it is plain to see that the technology that comes along with our Android smartphones far exceeds just simply call and text. They are now a very useful and important part of the way businesses operate on a daily basis. And this technology is only going to get better as time goes on.

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  1. But not every smartphone. I have HTC desire but I can not use this app in my phone but my brother has IPHONE 4s and he do use fleet management.

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