SMS’s Building Relations: The Cheapest Way to Stay in Touch


Did you know, in a minute approx 7 million SMS’s are transferred from one cell phone to another? Short Message Service has brought great changes in the world of communication. Whether it is a youth or the adult message service are being used extensively by the masses.

The extent of SMS can be imagined with the fact that it is not only used for the personal purposes but also for professional purposes. It is also used as direct marketing and the process is termed as SMS marketing.

Glance into the History of SMS

SMS didn’t need any introduction. But when looked into the pages of history the idea was originated from radio telegraphy and with time transferred to be the part of GSM. GSM is global system of mobile communication and in the year 1985 SMS was termed as a mean of sending messages up to 160 characters.

The Present Perspective of Messages

Needless to say the fact that we are a part of money driven world and today the main focus is on the ways of earning high and best. People have money and space, the only thing they lack is time. But it never means that we should forget our social and family responsibility. One should always try to stay in touch and for this SMS has proofed itself as a ideal mode of communication. It is not only effective but affordable too.

Various mobile companies have almost offered free SMS service with their tariff plan. And you might be familiar with some websites that offer free SMS services. Now, what else one want, it is a boon for all those who often faces problem or frequently have economical problem. You are a part of digitized world and being a savvy you can actually enjoy the service of free SMS with the websites. These websites are popular among the young ages including 16-25.

Registering on a free SMS website

You just need to fill a form available on the website. The form will ask just some basic information including Name, contact number, nationality and email address in some cases.

Remember a SMS can bring smile on the faces of your relatives’ and loved one. You just need to go for either some tariff plan or log on websites that offer free SMS service. They cost nothing but your sweet remembrance can make someone happy.

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