Some Facts to Know Before Defragging Mac


Your Mac too needs defragmentation, but not as frequently as your Windows PC requires, because Mac has some inbuilt safeguards that prevent it from becoming fragmented easily. However, as the hard drive gets filled gradually, you start facing performance issues like beach ball for longer time and other sluggish behaviors while extracting or saving data. These performance issues clearly indicate that your Mac hard drive is cluttered with data, which is stopping its inbuilt safeguards to prevent it from getting fragmented.

However, deleting unused data and expanding disk storage capacity can be some options, but they are not ultimate resolutions as whenever the disk get filled with data, you have to perform deletion or upgrade the storage space. Therefore, for such cases use of an efficient tool to defrag Mac hard drive is recommended, but before using any tool, you need to know some facts about Mac defrag:

  • You only need to fragment hard drives, but SSD’s do not need defragmentation.
  • Mac does not require frequent defragmentation as its file system is designed in a way that it prevents fragmentation. Mac OS X stops fragmentation by not filling the recently freed space, making the batch of small files automatically and saving them at one large location, and creating hot file adaptive clustering to store frequently used files.
  • Data is written from top to bottom over the hard drive, but the data does not move up automatically to fill available free space. In this way free space fragmentation increases with time as you save and the delete files.
  • Depending upon the usage and time period, if Mac is being used heavily for longer period of time, then chances of fragmentations are high. Moreover, an older Mac too gets fragmented as you keep on adding and deleting data on it.

These facts for sure clear out some concepts regarding fragmentation and need of defragmentation of hard drive. The best way to defrag Mac hard drive is a reliable Mac defrag tool. Reliable Mac defrag software performs free space optimization and enables you to monitor the temperature of the hard drive before defragging. Some advance tools enable you to apply colors to the selected files and free space. You can also create the bootable DVD of your machine with the help of an effective tool. The bootable DVD lets you defrag only the boot volume of your machine.

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