Some Of The Best Fitness Apps To Help You Stay In Shape


Fitness at your Fingertips: 5 Fantastic iPhone Apps for a Healthy Body and Mind

Sure, your iPhone is a great way to stay connected to friends, family and co-workers, but it can also be a great way to help you get in shape. With just a few quick taps on the screen, you can be on your way to living a healthier, more active life.

Lose It , is a top trending app geared for those who are goal oriented. By helping you to set daily calorie and fitness targets, this app keeps you on track and succeeding at both your exercise program and with your nutrition. All of your information can be tracked online via a free Lose It account where you chart your progress and isolate areas that might need a bit more attention. Lose It is free from the App Store.

Next on the list is a great app that focuses on how many steps you’ve taken during the day. Footsteps is a free exercise app that not only can be synched with your iPod, but it also calculates how many calories you’ve burned while moving and it keeps track of your daily exercise activity.

RunKeeper uses your iPhone’s GPS to keep track of the distances you’ve run or have walked and it allows for you to store new and favorite outside routes so you can repeat them for additional workouts and not get lost! RunKeeper also works great for indoor runs and walks and can be used for all treadmill workouts. The app can be synched to the tunes on your iPhone and the standard version is free.

Fooducate is an amazing tool that allows you to gain insightful knowledge about the food you buy. With just a single swipe of a barcode on a product, Fooducate will instantly transmit in-depth nutritional information as well as providing an overall health rating for the product in question. You can also compare different foods all while you learn to make healthier choices right at your fingertips. Fooducate is also a free app.

Nike Training Club is a personal trainer in your pocket. With demonstration videos, tailored workout programs, point based incentives and plenty of pictures to help you along, this is one of the best, most comprehensive fitness apps on the market and it’s completely free.

With just these five applications, moving more, eating better and feeling great, are all just a download away.

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