Sony to Launch its HDTV’s and Blu-Ray Players Powered by Google TV


All the gadget and TV lovers should gear up for more Google TV powered products, as consumer electronics giant Sony on Tuesday unleashed a total of almost four HDTV’s and a Blu Ray player that are powered by the search giant Google’s latest TV software. The new Google Android Powered Television platform will be a part of all these living room gadgets released by Sony.

These new HDTV’s and Blue Ray Players will be on sale at various Sony Style outlets this weekend and will also be sold by Best Buy Stores from the week starting from October 24. Sony’s latest “Google TV software” powered internet TVs will be available, after its launch, on different prices and screen size categories. The price starts from $599 for the smallest of High Definition TV set having 24 inch screen size to $1,399 for the largest TV set having a screen size of 46-inch. The 32-inch model will be having a price tag of $799 and the other variant that is 40-inch model will be available for $999.

Sony’s new Google TV software enabled Blue ray Players will start from $399 and the price will go up for different versions. The detailed specifications and information about the launched products can be seen from this link right here.

Well, as far as pricing comparison between Sony’s non-Google TV sets and normal TV sets is gauged, Google TVs are a bit of a premium. For non Google TVs, Sony’s priciest HDTV having a screen size of 22-inch, costs about $300 but for the same screen size Google TV costs around $599. Moreover, non-Google TVs also have the option to access Sony’s Bravia internet channels. According to some people, $400 price tag for a Google powered Blue Ray player is quite a high amount as compare to the other models available out there in the market. It is also to be noted that none of the released Sony HDTV’s having Google Android software at the backhand have a 3D viewing option as compare to a normal HDTV of the same range.

Accessories like QWERTY keyboard is bundled with new Blue Ray players and HDTV’s; the remote also has a twin four way pad which is a navigational pad having all the standard TV controls on the top of this Nav panel. The QWERTY remote is almost just like a normal gaming controller with little protruding keys.

The Executives at Sony unveiled the latest Google TV ready HDTV’s in a lavish launching ceremony held in Manhattan on Tuesday, just a week after the launch of Logitech’s Revue that is a Google TV software powered Set-Top box priced at $299. Logitech’s Revue requires a series of HDMI pass through cables and the set top box also communicates through an IR blaster.

But it is very much evident that Sony’s HDTVs have a more elegant display as compare to a Set-Top box enabled display, moreover all these HDTV’s do not require pass through  network of HDMI cables so it is sort of wire free network.

For all the tech wench readers who have not been tracking this amazing TV internet integration, Google TV represents the latest Endeavour by various tech giants to successfully meld Web with Live TV. The devices are armed with an Atom processor and devices also boost a Google Web Browser. It also supports Flash video games and applications. Google has already made deals with number of Web giants and TV networks to optimize and streamline their contents for Google TV; it includes the likes of HBO, NBA and CNN. Multi-tasking is another plus point of Google TV, like Picture-in-Picture option that enables the viewers to see live TV and work on Web as well.

The most amazing thing is that these Android Powered TVs and Set-Top boxes also support applications, and companies Netflix, Amazon and Twitter have already launched their Apps for Google TV. Google TV users will also have a full fledge access to the Android market from where they can shop for apps just like they do on Android based Smartphones.

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