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Experience everything in HD with the new Sony Xperia S, the first Sony smartphone.

A smartphone is a very personal thing. It has your contacts, your messages, your photos, your music, your games, your apps, and every day, you put more of your life into it. It is the first device you look at when you wake up. It is the last device you put down at the end of the day. And if you had to choose, it is the only device you wouldn’t leave home without—yes, and cash, and keys, and identification papers—but, the your smartphone is at the center of everything you do today whether you realize it or not.

And this is precisely why you get agitated when there’s no connection, anxious when you’re low on storage, annoyed when it just takes too long to start up the camera, and frustrated when movies and apps don’t run as smooth as you’d like.

Sony understands this, and it’s no wonder that they’ve designed the next generation Xperia NXT series smartphones not just with high specifications, but the combined technologies from displays powered by Mobile BRAVIA engine to Exmor R camera sensors, PlayStation gaming, and xLoud music. They’ve also made sure that your next Xperia smartphone will become your personal extension to a fully connected digital experience, where you will Watch, Create, and Share everything in HD, Leading the charge of this amazing new HD lifestyle is the Xperia S.

Watch everything in HD

To take full advantage of this amazing HD Reality Display, the Xperia S comes with a beefy 1.5GHz dual-core processor that ensures smooth performance for games, ultra responsive apps, and jitter-free HD movies. Combined with Sony’s xLoud, Clear Bass and 3D surround sound audio technology, yon get only the most immersive personal HD entertainment system available today.

Create everything in HD

While you enjoy amazing HD content on the Xperia S, it is equally equipped to let you create your own memories in Full HD.The main rear camera boasts of a massive 12 megapixel imaging resolution and Full HD 1080p movie recording. With Sony’s Exmor R for mobile technology, the Xperia S doesn’t just take brilliant pictures, but retains incredible detail any where, even under low light conditions. Its front lacing camera is HD ready too, allowing crisp HD 720p video calls.

Again, the Xperia S is more than the sum of its specifications, but enhances user experience. Forget the usual fumbling of the lock screen, searching for the camera app, and then waiting for it to start. Even if the Xperia S is locked and in sleep mode, one long press on its dedicated camera button instantly activates the camera, focuses, and shoots – all in a little over one second, capturing spontaneous moments lightning fast. With its huge 32GB storage, keeping all your HD photos and videos is a breeze.

Share everything in HD

We live in an increasingly connected world, but with the incredible HD capabilities of the Xperia S. there is more reason to share than ever before. It is both the center of your personal HD lifestyle and an entertainment server for the home. While optimized for a complete Sony hardware and services ecosystem, the Xperia S supports industry standards that work with a wide range of devices and brands so you can easily extend the HD content from the Xperia S onto the best screen available, With Wi-Fi support, the Xperia S can connect to your home broadband to surf the net, or copy media from shared network devices. DLNA allows you to effortlessly stream HD movies, pictures or music on your phone to any DLNA certified devices such as a Sony BRAVIA TV or VAIO notebook. You can directly connect the Xperia S via HDMI to any HDTV and enjoy movies or mobile games on the big screen, all delivered in real-time and in breathtaking HD quality. Plug in the Xperia S on the Sony LiveDock with a wireless keyboard and your HD TV is transformed into a PC!

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