Sprint and Clearwire to Launch High Speed Internet


Mobile carrier Sprint Nextel and its subsidiary Clearwire Corp will start offering its customers high speed wireless internet service. The service will officially be available for the customers across the US. Sprint Nextel and Clearwire will be offering the internet starting from the month of November and it will be available across some of the busiest U.S. metropolitan areas like Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

This particular service is powered by the latest technology that is called as Wimax and will be available in the city of New York on 1st of November. Similarly, December 1 is the availability date of the service in Los Angeles, and according to the Sprint San Francisco will get the latest high speed service by the end of December.

Well, according to the industry analysts, as all of these above mentioned cities have a massive concentration of affluent and tech savvy people who are always willing to buy the latest and most advanced technology available and are always looking for more. So, analysts rate these cities as the tough battle grounds for the U.S. telecomm giants and service providers which include the likes of Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

The cities of New York and San Francisco are specially seen as the hardest battle grounds and a very tough market to support the wireless data services mainly due to the reason that large percentage of people are using high tech gadgets and gizmos and they always opt for the wireless networks that offer them high speed connectivity. AT&T the nation’s second largest exclusive iPhone service provider had to cut a very thorough strategy and work out a business plan to fight criticism about its Network performance in all of the metropolitan areas.

Sprint which is fourth in ranking in the U.S. mobile service carriers will offer this high speed wireless internet service using space on Clearwire networks, 55 percent of which is owned by Sprint. The launch coincides with the launch of Verizon Wireless, the fastest and the largest wireless service provider in the US. Verizon is planning a high speed internet service upgrade to its network spanning across 38 cities and giving internet services to almost 110 million users by the year end. Clearwire that has been planning to expand its WiMax service has said that their internet service will be available to almost 120 million customers. So, let’s see who will stand out as a wireless service provider winner.

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