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During your lifetime you will see the death of the personal computer. The writing is already on the wall and soon cloud technology will rule the world. With cloud file storage you are able to store your data and files on a virtual computer. Gone are the days of lost discs or broken hard drives. Now you never have to worry about hackers, getting a virus, losing a disk, fires, water damage, ect. It is so simple to backup your files in the cloud. And many compaines out there give you a nice amount of free storage. Cloud backup services makes it possible for you to save your data online at cheap prices. Before the evolution of cloud service, online storage of data was quite expensive, and people were in a search of other options for saving their important data.

Accessing your personal data from anywhere in the world is the greatest achievement of the cloud services. It offers online storage of the data with the latest tools. These tools are not only easy to use, but also make it possible to protect your data from the hackers. The facilities offer by the online clouding include sharing the data with friends and colleagues, storing the data with enabling and disabling the security, and possible access from anywhere in the world, not only from your personal PC. The online storage tools offer by cloud backup service include, Live mesh online storage, Drop Box, Oosah, Jungle disk and many other services. is one of the most exciting online storage services, which can help you to share your files with your friends. It is one of the most popular places to store your data. The best thing about this service is its integration with Google mailing service and other file sharing tools like Scribd, etc. It offers the storage limit of up to 1GB for free account holders. However, for the paid users the storage capacity increases up to 5 GB with the facility of more advanced features like the mobile access.

Live Mesh is another most popular cloud computing service for online storage of data. It offers you the storage capacity of up to 5 GB along with online desktop facility that looks similar to Vista desktop. The best thing about live mesh is that you can store the file of any type, but you cannot edit it using online desktop facility. The reason why people like to use live mesh is its automatic synchronizing feature. However, you can only avail its services at windows PCs or Macs.

Overall cloud computing is best in offering its services for online data storage. The maximum storage offer by cloud computing tools is more than one TB, but it is only for featured users. The best thing about cloud computing is its way of integration that connects your desktop with online tools for uploading and downloading of documents. Google, one of the best company that is taking the services of cloud computing. Google upload documents and online document viewer automatically save your file online, so that you can use it in the future. It also provides you the facility of sharing the document with your friends and colleagues.

Get with it and take full advantage of the cloud. Check out some great free cloud providers at my Free Cloud Storage Site. There are many compaines offering 5 GB of free storage and more. You can do all kinds of great stuff like backing up your computer, exporting phone contacts, and adding you music library to the cloud.

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