Switchback LED Lights Explained


Switchback LED lights are self-explanatory. You don’t need to dive into much of its theory, but to make it crystal clear; switchback LED lights switch colours back to back. Whatever mode you have your car in, the lights can switch accordingly ranging from amber yellow and xenon white, based on whichever colour you choose. For example, when your car is parked, the lights turn xenon, and when the turn signals are on, they turn amber yellow. Not only do switchback LED lights prove to be a safer way of driving, they are also a very elegant addition to your car.

Switchback LED Lights Explained

These kinds of lights perform dual functions and come in various types, depending on the choice the customer makes. You can choose whichever one you think will make your car look desirable. Switchback lights can also be custom made according to the kind of car you are using. The bulb sizes are innumerable and you can take your pick from those, or you can also pick from the advanced version that is the switchback LED strips, with daytime running lights. You can customize your car in the choice of your colour and light based on whatever your preference is. It is fairly easy to customize the LED lights on your car be it strips or the countless bulbs that are available.

The strips are a great development from LED bulbs, and can be installed at the headlights or inside them, making your driving experience one of the best there is. Your car might not be a luxury one, but if you install the luminous LED strips, it might just start becoming the envy of other car enthusiasts. There is no limit to customization. You can pick whichever colour you want and whichever place you want the light bulbs or strips installed in. Regardless of the place, switchback lights are bound to make your vehicle stand out amidst a crowd of cars that haven’t opted for the same. Since you won’t be paying a fortune to purchase a luxury car, strip lights seem to be far less expensive and elegant and striking at the same time!

The new addition to the switchback LED light family is the halo ring. Switchback halo rings are unconventionally brighter and luminous than the CFL rings that are available in the market. This new development has made switchback lights a desirable component when it comes to car accessories. You are free to customize the halo rings as well based on whatever your choice is. There really is no boundary to the abundance that is switchback LED light bulbs, strips and halo rings.

If you’re worried about whether or not switchback LED lights are legal, rest assured that there is no need to worry about that. Switchback lights are completely legal and you can make whatever changes you wish to it without having to be stressed about the repercussions, because there really aren’t any of those to stress over. You can drive past the cops and not be worried about being stopped to uninstall the lights at all, because the worst that could happen in this situation is that you might be stopped by the police due to the sheer brilliance that is the switchback LED lights, which would easily make the police envious of what your car possesses.

Who doesn’t want to make their car look edgy and stand out? Switchback lights will provide you just that with the advantage of safety that comes with it in driving. You can mix and match and play with varied colours to make sure that your car looks as good as it can get. Nothing and no one can stop you from being fabulous if you’ve got switchback lights on your vehicle. Switchback LED lights are becoming increasingly popular due to their versatility and modifiable aspects. You can get your hands on switchback LED light bulbs, strips and / or halo rings at

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