Tech Office Spaces Of Today Go Back To Childhood


What do Google, Twitter, Skype and Davison have in common?  Childhood!  And why not?

After all, did we not do some of our most productive learning when we were young?  Minds were meant to learn at play, in an environment that is without pressure and that ignites the fire of interest that burns inside of us.

Some of the brightest tech minds that still hold on to their childhood love of exploration understand that vibrant ideas, the ones fueling the tech markets and guiding global initiatives, must be set free to imagine.  The tech world seems to know instinctively that to keep ideas flowing, new methods to solving problems old and new, you must keep the mind alive with fun and laughter.

Some examples:

Twitter offices in San Francisco have wall murals of birds on a blue background and large tables with chairs around them that look exactly like the ones you used to sit at for group fingerpainting.

Lady Gaga seems to be enjoying her visit to this laid back tech company.

Google offices in Zurich are filled with bright bean bag chairs, placed nonchalantly on the floor around rich, primary-colored rugs.  The glowing balls of light hanging from the ceiling look like Marcella and the Moon had to have been written there.  Hammock chairs dangle from the beams next to polka dots and potted trees.

Skype offices in Palo Alto have outdoor lawn chairs sitting on circles of green shag rugs, and funny mushroom-shaped domes alongside for extra pow-wow seating.

Davison’s InventionLand, known for their innovative invention marketing, have a lagoon with a pirate ship where many standard office desks sit.  Old Mother Hubbard’s Shoe, a huge racetrack, and don’t forget the giant treehouse, a-la Swiss Family Robinson add a feeling of creativity to the atmosphere.

It doesn’t end there, remember how we all used to love to play with our dogs?   Many forward companies are allowing employees to bring their best friends to work with them.   It’s been shown they are more relaxed – the employees, not the dogs – and that it encourages people to share their lives with one another.

At the Huffington Post they have, wait for it… nap rooms!   Yup, you can probably bring your blankie, too.

What is interesting is that these companies are largely the up and coming, or already huge, tech companies.   I personally agree with it.  It’s no secret that we all function better, learn faster produce more when we are relaxed and enjoying ourselves.  Why did we leave that idea behind for so long, and why has it taken the new tech companies to bring that to the forefront?

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