Techniques For Building Brand Name Recognition For Your Tech Company


So you’ve finally gotten your tech company up and running. The technology you’re selling is your passion, your love, and now, your livelihood. It’s no secret that for your company to succeed, you must get your name out there. This exposure can come in the form of advertisements in magazines or journals, advertisements on websites, effective SEO content, or (and this is probably a necessity in this day and age) a website. Still, there’s nothing that says “professional” like your very own store. You want to build trust with your customer, and in-person contact is still, and probably always will be, the best way to do that.

Of course, where do people with money burning holes in their pockets like to go? Either the nearest superstore or, for even more variety in spending choices, the mall. With that being said, it might be worthwhile to lease a kiosk in the middle of a mall. You’ll be right in the middle of thousands of people looking for new products to buy, and we know how excited people get when it comes to new technology.

Techniques For Building Brand Name Recognition For Your Tech Company

Mall retail companies like Westfield can match your product with the shopping center that will be most beneficial to you. Kiosks, especially, offer an advantage in that they are visible from 360 degrees. Many people who go to malls do not necessarily know what they’re going to buy, so they spend a majority of their time looking from shop to shop, or in your case, kiosk to kiosk. The visibility that a kiosk provides will guarantee that shoppers at least glimpse your product. Companies like Westfield Mall Retail can also help with the design of your kiosk to ensure that it best represents your brand and the products you sell.

Branding isn’t just a cool design; it’s an identity. When a person mentions your brand to another person, a number of memories, experiences, and products will probably enter their mind, all combining at once to give them an idea of who you are as a business. If their only exposure is to your kiosk at a mall, you want to make sure that you left a good impression. You can have the best, most innovative technological products in the world, but if your identity doesn’t match the “coolness” of what you’re selling, then you’re missing out on potential customers.

If you’ve taken the time to build your own business, then the chances are that you have an advertising plan and business model. You’ve identified your potential customers, performed consumer research, made sure your prices are in-line with the rest of your market, printed out business cards, and used the media (social and otherwise), amongst other advertising tactics. Now it’s time to use all your knowledge and resources to get your product out there. So what are the best ways for brand recognition? Forbes named a few.

Most successful businesses will tell you that great customer service is the best way to the consumer’s heart. Make sure that employee you just hired for your mall kiosk is well trained and experienced in customer service. You may only have one chance with a customer, so you want to make a good impression. Another suggestion is to create a story about why you are in business, preferably if it appeals to the consumer’s emotions. There are those heavily logical thinkers out there, but for most of us, what we feel is usually what guides our decision making. So talk about your passion for technology, your vision for a better world, and how your product will help us get there.

However, the most important key is to be an expert on not only your product but in your field. Being a technology person, make sure you know all there is about technology. Read technology magazines, look over the latest tech breakthrough articles online—you can never know too much.

So go ahead into the big wide world with your awesome products. Just remember to develop your brand, get it out via kiosk or any other direct means, and know the key advertising principles that will increase your brand awareness.

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