Technology And Equipment A Private Detective Needs


Being a private detective there’s an amount of crucial gear you need. It is vital these tools are looked at frequently pertaining to serviceability so that you know they are not going to let you down. Picture this you are on a job and your digital camera battery power fails. It will be useless at just the time in which the subject is doing the one thing they’re certainly not meant to be doing – the ‘money shot’ is missed. How can you justify this to your client? A report is good but a photo or a video is fantastic


  • Good quality camera – Top quality digital camera with time and date stamp. A zoom lens and night vision mode for taking pictures in the dark or darker evenings.
  • Video camera together with extra battery packs, for top quality video clip encounters night vision mode and time and date stamp. The ability to take stills is also desirable.
  • Mobile phone to communicate whilst on the job and extra SIM cards as you may need to change phone number when making pretext calls. Text messages are silent and covert.
  • Top quality two way radio for communication with other members in your team in the field or in a vehicle
  • Binoculars are an essential addition when in the field carrying out covert surveillance
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    Touch- standard but an invaluable item especially at night
  • Note book and pencil as all notes should be taken as soon as is possible when target has taken some action or carried out an event. This is to ensure the correct information is recorded on the report log.
  • Dictaphone- advantageous while on a rapid fast moving job.
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    Good quality covert camera for close camera work such as during a door knock or in dark places such as nightclubs and pubs
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    A reliable vehicle in a bland colour. Nothing flash and no distinguishing marks that will make it stand out. It doesn’t need to be expensive but it should be quite fast to be able to keep up with fast vehicles during surveillance.

The equipment listed above

You could spend thousands of pounds on equipment but the list above is enough to get started and produce some good work with.

Equipment not on the list

Other useful equipment is probably what you have already such as clothing and accessories including hats and coats, umbrellas, bags and backpacks to name but a few. A change of a hat and coat can turn you into a completely different person as can blending into the background with bland colours such as grey, beige and cream.

If you are thinking about becoming a private detective and want to know more please contact Detectives Agency London we are  here to help.

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