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The 10 Free Plugins For Increasing Social Media Traffic


The ability to build successful websites and blogs all comes down to how much information and knowledge you can use to increase traffic, especially social media traffic, to your website. I am focusing primarily in relation to WordPress websites and blogs which I find to be quite fun and interesting to work with.

The 10 Leading Picks for 2012

The 10 tips, which I also refer to as the 10 leading picks for 2012, to increase social media traffic include the following:

  • Follow Me
  • Simple Share
  • Share Bar
  • Facebook Like Bar
  • Digg Digg
  • AddToAny
  • AddThis
  • GetSocial
  • Social Media as well as
  • Tweet Stream.

Having used these ten tips, which also happen to be ten free plugins, has helped me greatly in my efforts towards increasing social media traffic to my websites in addition to helping me work superbly with StudioPress WordPress theme.

Benefits of 10 Tips for Increasing Social Media Traffic

The main goal of all these ten tips, or free plugins, is mainly to help increase social media traffic. I have tried them out and proven them to be among the best tips especially in 2012. Even though others may also work, these ten are the ones I consider to be top of the list. Using them regularly and frequently has boosted social media traffic to my websites for years now.

  • User friendly – The fact that my WordPress websites and blogs are enhanced with share, emailing and printing options makes them more user friendly. Anybody with access to my websites has noticed just how friendly and easy to use they are as they are enabled to respond through RSS feedbacks.
  • Easy interaction with readers – The ten tips for increasing social media traffic have also provided avenues through which I have been able to find great ability to interact with my readers. Through the ten free plugins I have noticed that my readers love this attribute just as much as I do because they can offer their own suggestions on what I can do to enhance my messages, improve my content as well as what topics to cover.
  • Easy installation steps – The fact that WordPress provides features through which the ten free plugins can be easily added on to my website has also been immensely helpful. Some free plugins can be added to the left or right side of my websites. Others provide vertical or horizontal boxes on my WordPress website. The end result is that the ten plugins have enhanced the attractiveness of my WordPress websites and blogs.

How Effective are the 10 Tips to Increase Social Media Traffic

There is no denying the fact that I have always enjoyed using WordPress websites ever since I started out in this field. I have fallen in love with this program and have continued to discover greater abilities and features on WordPress through which I have created exciting websites and blogs. Furthermore, my readers have also benefited from the knowledge I have imparted onto them.

Over the many number of years in which I have been actively involved in offering lessons on how to increase social media traffic, I have discovered what works as well as what does not. I have ensured that I first try out the plugins or tips before recommending them to my readers. Consequently, the tips I give here have been tried, tested and proven by me.

I have always been an adherent to the adage that if you want success do not aim for it, rather do what you love and believe in, then success will come naturally as advocated by David Frost. Success has come to me naturally because I have loved and believe in WordPress Genesis theme and in its ability to help me and millions others to create exciting and attractive websites and blogs.

I seek to impart the same knowledge through which you can boost and increase social media traffic to your WordPress Genesis theme website and blog. It matters not whether your choice of language is English or not as some free plugins provides work with more than seventy worldwide languages which anyone can access and use. These are my recommended picks for 2012.

Mike Kelly is married to Beth Kelley and is blessed with two fully grown children. He loves teaching WordPress Genesis theme subjects in addition to DIY theme review. He is still actively involved with marine life through occasional teaching in maritime colleges and works on a drill ship on the Mexican Gulf.

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