The 2012 Ski Gadget Review


As a skiing enthusiast, there are several latest gadgets you should look at before hitting the slopes this season. There are many innovative solutions out there that can help make your skiing experience this winter a lot more fun and safer.

Touchscreen Gloves – With the popularity of touchscreen phones on the rise over the past couple of years, almost all mobile devices are now based on the touchscreen technology. However, using or working with touchscreen devices can be a problem for snowboarders and skiers, as these devices only respond to bare finger touches. The thick mountain gloves that you need to wear while skiing do not allow you to access a touchscreen phone. There is always the risk of either losing your gloves or your phone. However, with these touchscreen gloves, you can use or operate your phone very easily. These come handy during your stay in those chilly resorts too, as they are really warm and you need not take off your gloves to answer the phone.

Contour GPS Helmet Cam – A reliable helmet cam that comes with a GPS and a full quality HD ensures that your speed, location and altitude are tracked and recorded at all times. You can later superimpose this information on your videos as well. The latest variant of a helmet cam is the goggle cam, which has a HD Summit video camera built right into the goggles. This gives you a flawless first person view of all the action being recorded.

HUD Goggles – Heads up display goggles are one of the ultimate gadgets on the slopes. A full colour LCD display projecting on the right of the lens gives you real time information about your speed, altitude, temperature along with a host of other things. Wearing these goggles is pretty similar to driving on a dashboard, as your eye can switch between the two with relative ease.

Skullcandy Helmet – Traditional headphones are not as convenient to use on the slopes and ruin the pleasure of listening to some great music while skiing. The perfect solution for this is a Skullcandy helmet that has high quality headphones built within. The helmet ensures great music, along with the all-important comfort and least outside interference.

Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver – The biggest nightmare of skiers is being trapped in an avalanche. Ortovox S1 Avalanche Transceiver is the perfect solution for such issues, as it will help rescuers locate you in the worst scenario possible.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS Tracking Logger – This device is easy to use and compact, and which makes it convenient to be carried around as well. It can store up to three locations and can help you find your way back to your camp or hotel.

All these gadgets have been designed keeping in mind the convenience and comfort that most skilled and experienced skiers look for during their skiing expeditions. Go ahead and get these gadgets according to your requirement to make the most of your skiing expedition this winter.

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