The Ashes in Your Front Room


It seems an eternity ago, but there was a time when the Ashes Cricket series, the most competitive and historical of all cricket contests, was a half year commitment. Whether England was the host or Australia was the host, the visitors had to spend several weeks travelling by sea to actually get to their destination. When the series was over there was the journey home. Things were so much different over half a century ago.

There was no real question of fans travelling for the games; the days of the ‘Barmy Army’ which follows all England tours these days were as far away as space travel was to the Victorians.

Airlines shrink the world

Air flight changed the logistics of these Tours but it was still the old radio that allowed fans to keep up to date with the latest news. Things have really changed and two of the main factors that have brought about the change have been satellite broadcasters and the Internet.

Satellite shrinks it even further

Satellite television transformed sport; all sport. Suddenly, instead of fans being able to see recorded highlights of their favourite sport that may have taken place overnight on the other side of the world, the action was live for all subscribers to watch, albeit at a time that was perhaps a little inconvenient for those with an early morning call and a day’s work to do.

Satellite television could do many things but it had no answer to that. There are some special sporting events however, where it can be possible to take a few days holiday and for example watch every ball bowled in a crucial Test match in Australia and catch up with sleep at the end of the day’s play early in a UK morning.

Not every subscriber wants to watch every sport. If it is just the all important test cricket you may not want to pay a full subscription to watch all sports. This is where a pay per view service like the one offered by NOW TV comes into the equation.

Live sport 24/7

NOW TV live sport can offer the facility of a series of day passes to watch the whole of a Test match, or perhaps another special event, from any time zone in the world. While Australian sport may be through the UK night, West Coast US sport goes live up to eight hours later in the European day or night.  Boxing is an obvious example of a sport that may be taking place in Las Vegas for example, not long before dawn breaks here in the UK. An early night and an alarm call is the answer; that and a day pass to play the top of the bill fight through your broadband into the front room.

The Ashes

It is a service that can be screened on several of the modern devices that people enjoy and it is even possible to play through more than one at the same time. The days when people were concerned about providing their private financial details to a website have gone. The sophisticated payment gateways have seen to that with unauthorised access to card details something that good websites have completely eradicated.

Everything you might want to see is on offer; it is just a matter of you deciding what to watch.

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