The Benefits To DVD-Based GPS Navigation Integrated With Car Dashboards


Many drivers nowadays don’t opt to a buy a GPS, instead they will use navigation on their smartphone. Whilst this is becoming more and more popular, there is another option too, which is to buy a GPS system actually built-in to the car. This is only available with newer car models, and you will need to speak to your car dealer for them to add it to the new vehicle when you purchase. If you are unsure about how these DVD-based dashboard GPS navigation systems work and their benefits then read on.

No Need to Buy a Standalone GPS Device

The most obvious benefit to having the GPS actually built in to your car is that you won’t need to purchase a Garmin or TomTom product – although, the technology in a lot of embedded GPS is actually provided by these companies anyway! You can save a couple of hundred dollars by choosing in-dash navigation so it’s worth checking with the car dealer about how much it would cost to have this option. Please note though, you will need to update the maps on your GPS device if you want it to remain completely accurate and reliable. Map updates can cost upwards of one hundred US Dollars so are an additional expense not always considered by consumers.

Your Car Will Look Neat and Tidy with No Distractions

The second benefit to DVD-based in-dash navigation is the fact it fully integrates with your car and makes the dashboard look neat and tidy. There are no messy cables hanging down and the cockpit of your car looks sleek and modern. From a safety perspective there are no wires that could cause an obstruction whilst driving or act as distraction to the driver.

Can Also Integrate with Multimedia Platforms

Finally, the more up to date GPS navigation systems that are coming with the latest car models, also act as a fully-fledged multimedia center. It’s possible to control music, film, radio, air-con, and even get rear view cameras working through the same device. Many car dealers are now offering smartphone docking stations too, which can then be synchronized with Bluetooth technology. This lets the driver make hands free phone calls, plus will let them operate the GPS device using their very own voice commands – which increases the safety aspects of using the GPS whilst driving.

Conclusion on GPS Navigation DVD Systems

If you would like more information on this subject and are considering buying a car with DVD Navigation already installed then please visit the web’s number one GPS Navigation DVD website for everything you need to know about the technology including new video tutorials.

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  1. GPS tracking makes the driving easier even in a unfamiliar places. It helps in better navigation and helps in reaching the place in right time.

  2. GPS tracking system saves you from being getting lost in unfamiliar place. It also helps in determining a alternate path to be taken, to reach the destination. It is a best traveling companion.

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