The Best Gamification Examples


Productivity has been an all time low in the United States, with over 70% of people on the current workforce claiming to be disengaged at work.

With an aim to reverse these declining trends in engagement, companies have turned to gamification. Well, most of you may already know what it entails and can even give a few gamification examples used by major companies. But for those who came in late, here is what gamification entails.

Gamification is simply the concept of applying game thinking into a non-game application with an aim of making it fun and engaging as well. Gamification has actually been there for a while now, even though it may seem like a new concept to you. But odds are you have heard cases where companies will have a salesperson of the quarter or even an employee of the month. As simple as it sounds, that is gamification.

In fact, it is only recently that this concept has become a huge business. Making something that is generally task oriented or boring into something fun not only makes it engaging, but it also drives innovation and increased productivity. This is exactly what most companies need at this age.

According to research; almost 90% of employers think that their workers leave for money but in reality, only 12% of them actually leave for a better salary. Ideally, 70% of the major companies will implement gamification to enhance engagement and retain revenues.

Indeed, gamification can help companies and organizations create an active and engaged productive team. To help you get a good grasp of what gamification is, we have gone ahead to put a list of a few gamification examples implemented by companies out there.

The Best Gamification Examples

Gamification Examples List

1. Eye-Spy Pretzel

This is a game that was introduced by M&M as a part of its Pretzel marketing campaign. The game was a simple one, based on the eye-spy logic where Facebook users were given scattered m&m’s in a huge image and they had to spot the one small pretzel inside.

The fascinating thing about this game is that the thought-out process was simple which made the game cost effective, and it later went viral, bringing in remarkable results for the company in terms of shares, engagement and even the increase in prospects for Pretzel brand

2. Club Psych TV Show & Merchandise Sales

This one of the greatest gamification examples in the Tv industry. This game is based om the American Tv show Psych. The club psych is a platform that has various games and challenges. When a user registers and accomplishes new levels, and other resources, they are awarded points and ranked in the leadersboards as well. The implementation of this brought an increased sales number as a result of the increase in customer engagement.

3. Beat The Clock Discount

Sambo Kojin though to a way to create a sense of urgency among social media users and they accomplished this by gamification. The strategy was to simply prompt individuals to take action as they will not want to miss out on good offers.

Users were given a chance to beat the clock if they wanted to pay less and they had two options, pay less before lunch time or pay less before dinner. This gave good results as well, as sales in the restaurant significantly increased.

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