The Changing Needs of Thin Client Emulation and Windows Terminal Emulation


Thin client packages, both devices and thin client applications, that can handle a range of back-ends, are more essential than ever. With the release of Windows 8, the best choice will be a Windows terminal emulator (server/client package) that can communicate with your thin remote client over next generation networks.

Windows terminal emulator applications have come a long way in a very short time. Selecting the right thin client for your company and your people will have huge implications on your whole business. We have entered the world of cloud computing, and our professionals are on the move. Next generation networks are fast becoming the normal platform for communication. We cannot rely on the stability of the cable networks any more. Thin client emulation packages are designed to control a host client application running alongside the server, remotely. Even if we lose connection from the remote device, the client has not lost the connection with the server running on the host computer. How do we select the right thin client application to suit our needs?

Complete Package

With so many application components on the market, you could find yourself trying to add one application to work with what you already have. If you are in this situation, you are really playing catch-up. While it is possible to add a third-party application to your existing system with the help of some skilled developers, the best thin clients come as a complete package from the original vendor. They have been tested and will run robustly.

What Applications and Devices?

Not all thin clients are the same. You need to consider various issues, such as the use of special USB devices, webcams, multi-screen support, flash-based applications, and even interaction with existing websites. We might be talking about thin clients, but we are talking about a lot of needs at the same time. Do you have special applications you want to use with your thin client?

Crucial Questions

We are presented with a number of unique issues when using mobile devices. The new Windows 8 operating system will make light work of one of these questions – operating system. That is because Windows 8 allows all of our devices to be operated using one central Windows 8 operating system. Other issues, such as, power consumption and the ability to expand are extremely vital.


If you are dealing with a number of customers in your business, you will need to consider both devices and applications that can handle the back ends of each. IBM’s 3270 series is still going very strong, but 3270 emulation is not the only protocol you will be dealing with. You need a single client that can deal with many protocols, and has the ability to expand.


Emulation software is not a product. It is better thought of as a service. Technology is changing fast, so your tools need to keep pace with your customer’s requirements. International security requirements at the highest levels of business are changing rapidly and you need to be agile enough to stay in the game.

So how do you choose? You need a consultant that understands your needs, and someone who can tell you what you are going to need. A consultant should know what is around the corner. Their developers should already be on the job.

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