The Different Types Of Polythene


There are hundreds of different types of polythene available, with 1000’s of different uses and applications. We take a look at some of the different types and how they might be used.

Pallet Covers

Pallet covers are used to make sure that your pallet freight doesn’t move about during transportation. It is often provided in shrink and non-shrink forms but what does this mean?

In shrink form the polythene will shrink, or “tighten”, when heat is applied to the polythene. In non-shrink form it relies solely on the machine or person applying the polythene to pull the polythene tight around the goods.

There are also market innovations such as Polylite which is up to 20% cheaper and lighter than normal polythene.

The other advantage of pallet covers is they can also be printed in a number of colours to match your corporate brand or products.

Printed Polythene Bags

Polythene bags are a great idea for any business who sells products which need to carry the companies brand or product instructions.

From a consumer point of view you will be most familiar with polythene bags being used in garden centres to hold soil, sand or wood chips and similarly in pet shops to hold pet food or sawdust and hay for making your pet’s beds up.

The beauty with printed polythene bags is that you aren’t limited to the colour of the polythene and subsequently the graphics and copy you then print on the bags.

Compostable Bags

A compostable bag is the alternative to standard polythene bags, which do not bio-degrade, and is therefore far more environmentally friendly.

Compostable bags are designed in such a way that they start to degrade after first use which means there is no need to consciously recycle them, or for them to take up space in landfill sites and subsequently contaminate the ground around them.

Under optimum conditions these bags will degrade fully within 10 days.

Scaffold Sheet Wrap

Polythene doesn’t just have its use in the packaging and transportation of goods. It is also used by many contractors and builders to wrap buildings to protect them from the elements. It can also be used to separate rooms and areas from one another to help contain dust or debris left behind by some building activities.

Crop and Maize Film

Polythene also has major uses in agriculture. Farmers use polythene to help protect crops which have just been sewn. The polythene can also help some crops to mature more quickly and helps to achieve higher yields as it is protected from the elements and the animals.

Polythene UK are an environmentally concious Polythene supplier, specialising in pallet covers and compostable bags.

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