The Foundation Stones Of A Successful Link Building Strategy


An SEO services provider often comes at hand with two situations regarding SEO, either the service provider is required to perform the search engine optimization of a new website, or an existing website owner can approach the service provider for SEO of the website. In both the cases the service provider needs to approach the process differently.

The established websites of require the service of a link building services company for attaining and optimization of links. The lines below explain the two kinds of analysis of an established website done by an SEO services company.

1. Audit of Link Building Profile:

The first and foremost thing the SEO service provider needs to consider is the link building profile of the already established website. The link building profile needs to be audited from two perspectives

  • The kind of goals the client has
  • The already running link building strategy follows the acceptable standard practices or not

With these two features in mind, the next thing to do is to analyze the profile accordingly. The major points to consider during the auditing of link building profile of a website include:

  • The kind of links the profile has, meaning inbound or outbound links
  • The anchor text used in the links
  • The kind of IP cluster the profile has
  • At what position are the links placed on a page
  • The quality of the links referring to the source from which the links originate
  • Assessment of internal link structure

Plan of Action- After the analysis the service provider needs to come up with a plan of action. The plan of action should contain the following major actions:

  • First comes the talking with client and sharing the analysis report
  • Secondly, listening to the objectives and demands of the clients regarding link building
  • Thirdly, finalize the tools and means needed for the initiating of link building process.

2. Market Analysis:

After the initial analysis of the website, the next thing a web marketing service provider needs to do is to analyze the market. In market analysis the following two activities needs to be undertaken:

A) Competitor Analysis:

In market analysis the service provider firstly needs to analyze the competition of the website. In analyzing the competitors, the same points need to be considered as of analyzing the client’s website. The service provider must see the kind of links the competitors have and the dominance the links provide them in the market.

B) Opportunity Mapping:

The second activity is of opportunity mapping, where the link building service provider needs to analyze the market with regards to the opportunities it carries in terms of link building. In opportunity mapping the following points need to be considered:

  • The finding of link opportunities for the website in the market
  • Discovering of areas in which the content can be created for the purpose of building links

The whole opportunity mapping activity revolves around these two points, where the SEO service provider tries to firstly find the places and sources that carry opportunity of links. After identifying the sources, then the service provider should try to develop content according to the location of the link opportunity market. Thus this way the business can have an effective link building market analysis and strategy.


In short, for the development of a link building strategy, it is imperative that the link building service provider analyzes the current link profile of the website as well as the market, which includes the analysis of competitors and opportunity mapping.

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