The Greatest Technology Feats In Engineering


Engineering projects can be beautiful and exciting to look at if it is done well.

The Great Wall of China

This war stretches over 4000 miles across china. It is made up of stone. In real sense this is a series of several walls which were built with the objective of protecting the Chinese from their enemies. It took 2000 years to complete the building process which consisted of the process of redesigning, rebuilding and further expansion of the original wall. This is the leading engineering project in terms of duration.

The Netherlands Delta Works

The constructions of dykes and canals is a business which has been carried o

Millau Viaduct

This is the leading bridge structure globally. It was constructed over a three year period up to 2004. This engineering wonder is found in France. It was designed by Foster & Partners. This project is composed of 8 parts and spans across the great river Tarn Valley. There are seven pylons which are made of reinforced with concrete. It is a superstructure of monumental scale.

Burj Khalifa

This is clearly the world’s tallest building which beats all the world records so far. The building design was done by Owings and Merrill and Skidmore.

The Three Gorges Dam

This is a controversial engineering project which is of a gigantic scale. The construction of the dam was concluded in the year 2006. The dam has a great impact on the environment a factor which has attracted a lot of criticism. The dam had displaced up to a million people by the water collected on the dam. Despite these shortcomings, the dam has its benefits like controlling floods on the river where it is based.

Langeled Pipeline

This is the longest gas pipeline running under water. It transports natural gas from Norway to Britain. It has a length of 1166 km and can covey up to 25 billion meters cubic of gas per year.

The Channel Tunnel

This is the longest tunnel passing under the sea. This tunnel is 50km of which 38km is submerged under water. It also passes under the English Channel. The construction started in 1987 and ended in 1994.

The tunnel has enough safety features. It has two opportunities to cross over to another lane. There are cooling pipes, equipments for sending signals and lighting systems which are powered by two substations. There is one substation in United Kingdom and another one in France.

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