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The Importance Of Imagery In Social Media


With new apps and social media platforms rising, there are new ways to promote yourself and your company. Being visual is becoming much more crucial for social media marketing. Pinterest and Instagram are all about being visual because it takes no effort to look and browse the images. The popularity of images is only beginning to grow, whether it’s using infographics or photographs, this is what is stimulating the attention of internet users.

Show Off Your Products

If you have a variety of products, it’s time to show them off. Create an album on Facebook called Products. Make a board on Pinterest called Products. Take nice a set of nice photographs to promote your products. Be conscience of the quality of your images, as poor images won’t intrigue your potential customers. If you know someone that specializes in photography, ask for tips or ask them to help you. It doesn’t hurt to invest in a photographer to shoot them also, but it depends on your budget.

How-To Videos and Images

Not only showing off your products, but showing customers how to use them can really boost your sales. Customers want the reassurance that something is easy to use, it’s not messy and that it’s not going to fall apart. Having one of your employees or a company spokes model can give customers an idea of the use of the product. This can be done with a series of images or with a short video. These videos can be posted to both your Facebook and Pinterest accounts.

Be Human

The greatest part of social media marketing and being able to show you aren’t a robot. Marketing specialists are in fact humans. Photographing your employees at work perfectly exemplifies how your business works. It can be anything from a company picnic or a weekly activity your company participates in. Doing these posts on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram give your customers something to relate to. If you were photographed at a company golf outing, a client may think ‘Hey I love golf!’

Let Your Customers Promote Your Business

If you receive an email from a customer with a picture of them and the product, by all means post it to your Facebook with their comments. Encourage customers to post images to your Facebook of them and your products. Be sure to thank them for their help! Remember, we’re supposed to connect with the customers.

Amanda has a background in social media marketing and encourages business to follow in this path of marketing. Another method of marketing she is suggesting is video marketing.

Amanda has a background in social media marketing and encourages businesses to follow in this path of marketing. Another method of promotion she is suggesting is video marketing.

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