The Increasing Importance Of Web Widgets


If you have spent time exploring social media, you are likely to have discovered the increasing importance of web widgets. Most people that go online may not be able to explain succinctly what a widget is, but they would have probably used one. Over the last few years the internet has seen an explosion of these tools, and there is every reason to believe that their popularity will continue to grow in the future.

What Are Web Widgets?

Widgets are small customizable pieces of code, usually JavaScript or Flash, that can be embedded into any website, be it a blog, social network profile, forum, or eCommerce portal. They can be described as mini-applications as they are tools that can provide a extra level of functionality or entertainment to a website.

Unlike their desktop counterparts, they do not need to be downloaded by the website owners or a person visiting their web pages. All that is required for installation purposes is to copy and paste the snippet of code into the page source.

The Many Uses Of Web Widgets

Widgets can be used for a variety of purposes, this is why they are seen as such an important tool. For example, they can be designed to track visitors, display advertisements, syndicate RSS feeds, and also for fun. They are typically installed to enhance visitor experience. It is even possible for a website owner to increase revenue through the integration of an app that has a focus on advertisements.

Providing content that is up to date and interactive is of primary importance if you want your website to receive the best possible placement in the main search engines. Widgets can help immensely in this area. When you consider how easy it is to integrate these tools into your website as well as the benefits, it is an activity that you should definitely not overlook.

Promote Your Website Via Web Widgets

Promoting a website through as many methods as possible is important to ensure that your site’s traffic grows on a constant basis. There are social bookmarking and RSS mini-apps that can help to spread information on your website far and wide. With just a single click, readers can share content with their network of contacts and friends.

You can also enhance your site’s functionality through the installation of these desirable extras. For example, you can add features such as a countdown clock, news feeds, currency calculator, and a whole lot more. This in turn can help draw in more visitors on a regular basis. On a cautionary note, make sure that the apps you install are in some way related to the content of your website, if they were not new visitors may not return.

The increasing importance of web widgets for website administrators means that these tools will continue to evolve and develop. No matter what type of site you have, you should definitely consider what kind of mini-apps can add to the experience that is offered to your visitors. Moreover, as most of these applications are free to use, there is everything to gain and nothing to lose.

About the Author are the creators of the world’s original online alarm clock website. Since their launch in early 2006, Online Clock have expanded their offerings to included more than two dozen different online countdowns, stopwatches and timers. These are all simple web applications that you can use in your web browser for free.

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