The Lazy Man's Guide to Choosing a Mobile Phone


Sure, on one hand, you’re interested in a powerful gadget. You want the mobile phone that’s going to best cater to your gaming, app-consuming, texting, and data plan needs. But on the other hand, you’re lazy –  you don’t really know which mobile phone is better than the others, or which specifications should truly matter to you.


So what’s a lazy person to do? Simple: you follow this quick guide for choosing a mobile phone without ringing your hair out over the choices.

Tip #1: Whittle It Down to a Few Key Important Measurements

The most important thing to understand about choosing a mobile phone is that you don’t really have to consider all of the variables – the storage capacity, the data plan, the text plan, the screen size – if only one or two of these variables really matters to you.

So your solution is simple: just ignore the other variables and focus on one or two key ingredients that actually matter to you. Then start shopping around for those key ingredients and find the best available deal.

Voila! You’ve chosen a smart phone without fretting. Sure, you might miss out on a few extra items your friends didn’t, but you don’t care as long as your basic needs are met.

Tip #2: Only Use One-on-One Comparisons

It’s confusing to look at an entire chart full of different mobile phones and pick out the best one for yourself. So when you’re shopping for a mobile phone, try to instead focus on direct comparisons. Which mobile phone better suits you? A or B?

Do a few of these comparisons and you’re bound to find the mobile phone you like – with minimal energy invested. Also, make a little extra cash and sell your phone before or after purchasing the new one. Enjoy your new phone. Now go back to your normal procrastinating!

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