The Misconceptions of Using Compatible Toner Cartridges


If your business is trying to cut down on printing costs then using compatible toner cartridges is one of the avenues you are probably checking out. However, there is a lot of false information and some misconceptions which you need to cut through first.

Bearing in mind the impressive savings which you can make by going down this route it is well worth taking some time to find out whether what you have heard or read is actually true. Here are some of the things you have come across.

Drill and Fill

When you buy a remanufactured cartridge it is just one which was empty and has been filled up, right? These do exist and are called drill and fill cartridges but if you choose a reputable firm then this won’t be the case. A quality remanufactured toner such as the Samsung 3185 toner will have been inspected, cleaned and repaired where necessary.

 Poor Quality

If you think that these cartridges are of a lower quality then original, branded ones than you will have fallen for another of the common misconceptions. You shouldn’t think of it as being like comparing supermarket brand butter to the stuff made by your favourite company. It is more like when you put petrol in the car and get exactly the same stuff whether you pay a few extra pennies for it or not. It is just that in this case the saving usually adds up to more than a few pennies, especially if you are heavy user of the printer and go through quite a few of these cartridges.

Reused Toners

Do they simply reuse old toner? Well, if they did the toner just wouldn’t work. Used toner cannot be reused because once it has been used once. There is simply no chance that the toner has been used before and is now being passed onto you as some sort of low quality product which will give a poor performance.

  Damage to the Printer

This is a bit of a strange one, as some people think that using a compatible toner or ink cartridge could damage their machine for some reason. To be fair, there is a slightly higher chance of the cartridge breaking but even if it did there is nothing that could really happen to damage the printer as there isn’t much contact between the printer and the cartridge.

No Warranty

Despite what you might hear elsewhere there is no chance of your warranty being made void because you have used a compatible toner cartridge. As covered in the last point, there is no damage it can do the machine anyway, so why would it make a difference to the warranty? You should not worry about this point at all, or any of the previous ones either of course.

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