The Motoactv Triathlon, Cycling And Running GPS Watch


The Motorola Motoactv Running and MultiSport Watch

Sports watches are becoming more and more popular as runners, triathletes and endurance athletes realise just how useful they are as training tools.

The most popular modern sports watches use a small GPS receiver to track and record all of your sporting activities. The watch can then calculate just how fast you are running, cycling or walking as well as reporting an array of other training metrics such as calories burned, time, pace, power, altitude and distance (although the specific metrics depend on the specific watch

Motorola are a new entrant to the GPS sports watch scene but their Motoactv has taken the market by storm for its rich user interface, impressive array of features and relatively cheap price tag. Triathlon forums, message boards and the sporting community was buzzing with the announcement of its impending arrival as it was a relatively secret project and one that was brought to market quite quickly.

So just how good is the Motoactv and is it a valid choice of watch for the budding triathlete, runner or multi-sporter?

The Motoactv has a few impressive features which have never before been seen on any other GPS watch. Firstly, they have built an impressive user interface into the unit which means that you can navigate around the watch using an intuitive, easy to use, full colour touch screen. This interface is easy to use even when you are in the midst of a triathlon, running or cycling race and travelling at speed.

Another great little addition to the Motoactv has been the ability of the watch to upload all of your training data to the online training portal using a wifi connection instead of Bluetooth or USB cable. What this means is that you can sync your data without having to worry about finding cables or messing around with your computer, leaving you to focus on your triathlon or running training.

One of the features that caused a buzz on the triathlon forums was the units ability to switch between different battery saving modes. You can set the watch so that it records data at one second, two second or three second intervals. This may not sound like such a big deal but what this allows you to do is to extend the battery life of the watch from two hours to six hours – enough for a marathon or long bike ride. This is why the GPS watch has become so popular amongst triathletes and endurance athletes.

Thank you for reading this Motorola Motoactv review. If you would like more information on the watch or triathlon training in general then please check out the triathlon forums on or else there is a vast array of information available on dedicated blogs such as this one. Good luck with your training and I wish you all the best with your upcoming races.

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