The new IPhone. Why is it the best present for any occasion ?

When it comes to birthdays and anniversaries, everyone scrambles to find that perfect gift. For the coming year, one of the best presents for someone close to you is the iPhone 4S. With hardware and software modifications, this one takes the prize in comparison to other cell phones. Be sure to plan wisely and look for the best deal. This is one gift that is really meant for someone special.


Anyone Can Use It

You probably can’t think of one person in your circle that wouldn’t benefit from the new iPhone. Most people today don’t just carry a cell phone ,  they can’t live without it. Everyone has a special interest or use for their cell phone. With the iPhone 4S, it has the potential to meet each person’s individual needs.

For the person that is constantly on the go and needing everything done yesterday, the iPhone 4S doubles the maximum data speeds to 14.4 Mbps (in comparison to its predecessor). This gift recipient will benefit from the idea that everything is faster. From downloading a video to pulling up a webpage, the iPhone will give them less wait time and an opportunity to get more done. In a way, you aren’t just giving this person a present; you are giving them some extra time throughout the day.

Do you have a friend or family member that tries to keep in constant contact with everyone all the time? They consistently call to check in on you and they always want to see what’s going on. Maybe, they live far away and just don’t get the face time they need with their loved ones. The iPhone 4S can give them a link to everyone back home. This new iPhone is a world phone, so it can be used at just about every location imaginable. They can also use FaceTime to see their loved ones, as well as hear them.

Both the camera and video capabilities make the iPhone a popular gift idea for 2012. New parents love to take photos of their little ones doing just about anything. Someone getting ready to embark on a new adventure will enjoy taking videos to document their progress. No matter whom the gift is for, they will be able to enjoy the 8-megapixels camera that takes photos with better resolution and detail. The video features even help to stabilize your hands as you capture the moment.

An All-In-One Product

Instead of purchasing multiple gifts for one person, the new iPhone gives them just about everything in one cell phone. The phone is fast, its connectivity is superior to other cell phones and it keeps a person in touch with everyone easily. In addition, it works as a camera, a video recorder, a movie screen and even a personal assistant.

One of the most talked about features of the iPhone 4S is Siri. It can give everyone on your gift giving list the ability to enjoy a portable personal assistant. With this, you can give the gift of convenience to the recipient. Set up reminders, send text messages and even ask about the weather by just talking to Siri. Think about the people on your birthday list. How many are attempting to keep multiple calendars, take advantage of a GPS system and still typing out their text messages?

A final feature to take into consideration is the iCloud. If you have a friend or family member that is a loyal Apple follower, they will be able to take advantage of the iCloud and all Apple devices are connected. If you add an appointment to a calendar or download some music, these items will show up on all of the products instantly. There is no need to sync or check to make sure everything is there. The iCloud also backs everything up. From movies and music to ringtones and messages, everything is stored and can be retrieved at any time, without needing a cable.

The new iPhone is more than the best present for 2012. For many recipients, this is an investment in making their lives convenient and easy to manage. You aren’t just giving them another cell phone. You are giving them a tool to accomplish almost anything.

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