The Pros and Cons of FTA Satellite TV


There is no denying that people are talking about FTA satellite TV, the alternative to traditional cable television. The reviews are outstanding as more and more people are subscribing and enjoying free monthly access to thousands of channels. In the debate of whether or not to use this service, there are a few advantages and disadvantages to consider based on what you are looking for in your television service.

The Advantages of FTA Satellite TV

People all over the United States and even the world understand the benefits of FTA satellite TV. From free monthly service to the thousands of unique channels not available to traditional cable customers, users love the quality and ease of service.

  • No monthly bill – While you will have to purchase some equipment for the installation, you will never have to pay a monthly television bill again! With the small investment of about $200, you can avoid the monthly statement that includes a litany of service charges, taxes, and administrative fees. Say goodbye to this monthly payment.
  • Easy installation process – Setting everything up takes approximately five minutes, so within less than a sitcom episode your system is up and you are watching television. A step-by-step guide comes with the equipment that is easy to follow as you embark on the installation. Best of all, the equipment and devices used will be yours to own, forever.
  • Unique, free programming – Customers love the over 3,000 channels that are available in high definition. The programming is very diverse covering news, educational topics, sporting events, and entertainment. You won’t feel like it’s the same show on every channel and will spend less time flicking through the possibilities with your remote control. Plus, if you are a sports fan you will be on the edge of your seat watching soccer, gymnastics, rugby, and other international athletic competitions.
  • Access to programs from around the world — Unlike the mainstream channels that you are used to, you will gain a global perspective as you watch shows from all over the world. You can learn a new language or appreciate a global perspective to news and current events.
  • Reception is possible anywhere – Many people in rural communities have trouble receiving a signal for Direct TV or cable alternatives. Because satellites are orbiting the Earth, the signal quickly and consistently connects to the best FTA receivers, enabling service in all areas of the country.

The Disadvantages of FTA Satellite TV

This service might seem too good to be true! Despite all of the wonderful benefits of FTA satellite TV, there are some drawbacks to consider depending on what you value in your television programming. As you will see, most of the concerns are regarding the programming involved and not the quality of service or signal.

  • Mainstream programming is not available – Most of the popular networks and larger corporations choose not to broadcast via free-to-air satellite. As a result, the mainstream shows that are featured on prime time may not be available at all, or they may be shown at a different time and day than you expect.
  • Test channels come and go – Many companies use FTA satellite as a testing ground for programming; therefore, some shows can air for only a few months before they are either scrapped altogether or they make the jump to mainstream television channels.
  • Foreign languages with no subtitles – Because the signal is unencrypted that means there is no change at all to the broadcast from when it originally aired. While it can open your mind as well, be prepared to see channels in another language without any English subtitles.

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