The Raiser’s Edge – A Blessing For Non-Profit Organizations


Blackbaud’s fundraising management options are certainly quite vast and include The Raiser’s Edge venture, which is perhaps the most well-known and efficient non-profit fundraising solutions. It is the fuel behind the fire of the non-profit organizations, responsible for fundraising management and other important functions like managing volunteers and mega-events. The Raiser’s Edge is a comprehensive solution that caters to nonprofit organizations of all sizes and fits seamlessly into every fundraising system. It’s been developed through collaboration between the best software developers along with the wisest fundraising consultants and has been run through a lot of improvement iterations over the years by integrating the comments and suggestions of nonprofit organizations that used it.

Its Impact on Organizations

The Raiser’s Edge provides your organization with the necessary tools needed to build long-lasting relationships with donating parties. It saves the organization a lot of valuable resources, not the least of which are time and money, as it handles important processes in the daily routines more efficiently by streamlining them. Using Raiser’s Edge has always known to show a remarkable growth in the organizations’  funds due to the diversification it introduces to the fundraising methods which leads to broadening of the horizons for the organizations. The nonprofit fund accounting tools, that it offers, take care of the financial aspect of the organization. The Raiser’s Edge is an excellent investment for the future of any nonprofit organization.

In-Depth Analysis

It’s a complete software suite that benefits over thirteen thousand nonprofit organizations across the globe, at present. At its core, The Raiser’s Edge is a nonprofit management package that assists organizations with communicating with their stakeholders and making better decisions based on goal analysis, segmentation and reporting. It offers numerous features to the organizations like internet access to the database, e-philanthropy tools, options for configurations that help make the software fit into every organizations’ system effectively, be it healthcare, philanthropy or some other nonprofit sector.

What It Does

The Raiser’s Edge has an elegant interface and is easy to use and maintain. It makes a lot of routine procedures easy for the organization and increases productivity. It accomplishes a wide variety of tasks that range from finding the best prospects for your organization to helping in decision-making. It helps nonprofit organizations discover the most suitable donors and allows them to further develop their donor pool. It also allows the organizations to analyze the activity of the donors as well as the organizations’ own performance and compare it against the other nonprofit organizations.

The Raiser’s Edge makes planning and holding special fundraising events incredibly easy with the “Friends Asking Friends”  feature that can support a fundraiser of any scale. The organization can also benefit from the “Blackbaud NetCommunity” for creating an active online community with creative and appealing content that can have the option of collecting funds online. Its “Financial Edge” feature makes sure that the financial sector of the organization is doing well by managing funds, converting this monetary data to dashboards for normal users and into sophisticated reports for business analysis. The Raiser’s Edge is a fundraising management solution for nonprofits of all sizes. It’s scalable, affordable and simple but very rewarding in all the benefits it brings to the organization.

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