The Samsung Galaxy S III vs. The LG Optimus G: The Best and Better


According to the experts, the Samsung Galaxy S III is considered to be the best cell phone currently on the market. And it is a fantastic phone. Fast, sexy and reliable, the Galaxy S III really does tick all the boxes. There’s only one problem with the Galaxy S III being the best cell phone on the market: we think we’ve found something better.

The LG Optimus G is a relative newcomer from a company that doesn’t really have much of a reputation as a cell phone manufacturer. But this dark horse may actually be a better phone than the Samsung Galaxy. We pitted them head to head to find out what they both were capable of.

And in the end, we found the best new cell phone currently on the market….

Where the LG Optimus G Wins Out…
There are a couple of factors that make the LG a stand out phone, and give it an advantage over the Samsung. The first is speed. The Optimus G runs a 1500 MHz processor, compared to Samsung’s 1400 MHz processor, making the device around ten per cent more powerful, responsive and faster than the Galaxy.

Not only that, but it also has double the RAM (2048 MB versus 1024 MB). The more RAM you have, the more responsive your phone will be, and RAM also makes the phone better able to handle running multiple processes at the same time.

The screen quality is also better on the LG. The Optimus has around a ten per cent higher screen resolution as well as a slightly higher number of PPI (pixels per inch). These two combine to make a picture that is brighter, clearer and better defined than that on the Samsung Galaxy.

And now we come to the biggest difference . . . The camera. The LG comes with an absolutely massive 13 MP camera built in. The Samsung has the regular old 8 MP camera. Pictures taken on the LG are cleaner, better focussed, more colourful and more detailed than those taken on the Samsung. 13 MP is an amazing size for a cell phone camera, and its pictures are beautiful.

What the Samsung Galaxy Does Better…
After all that, there’s not much that we can really say about the Galaxy S III. On paper, it does have much faster maximum data transfer speeds, around eight and a half times faster in fact. But the truth is that since so many people have their data transfer speeds capped by their phone companies, few of us get anywhere close to our phone’s maximum data speed limit, so it’s really not a big deal. The Galaxy S III also comes in a little lighter, weighing 133 g versus the 145 g of the LG. But that’s not really a huge difference at all.

A New Best Cell Phone…
We’ve got to hand it to LG, the Optimus G is an incredible device. It beats the Samsung Galaxy S III in pretty much every area. And it runs a little cheaper too with most mobile service providers. It seems to us that the Galaxy S III is no longer the best cell phone we can buy, we’d take the Optimus G over the Galaxy any time.

Phil Turner would love either of these phones but plans to have a free iPhone 4 pay as you go phone in a year or so when a friend’s contract expires and she upgrades.

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