The Top 15 Business Apps For Smart Phones


by bobbyhywd

Enterprise mobility is the catchword of the day, with most working executives across the organisational hierarchy adopting mobile devices to keep pace with business developments, while on the move. Judicious use of business applications on these devices, not only save time but also aid critical business decisions.

There are a multitude of business applications available at the various online app stores, ranging from basic personal applications, such as alarms and calendars to feature-rich task managers, voice-recognition software and enterprise applications, making the choice slightly difficult. Here is a list of 15 such applications that are a must-have on the working executive’s mobile device.

Enterprise Applications

This online enterprise CRM app enables the user to update as well as keep track of critical business information on the go. Customer data can be instantly updated and tracked, making it easier to address queries and leads.  Reports can be generated on request, allowing a real time view of business targets and performances. Salesforce Chatter also allows team members to communicate with each other to share live updates on important issues.

SAP Business One Mobile Application
Another enterprise class application, SAP Business One is simply loaded with a limited set of essential features, including access to personal dashboard, business partner details, pending approvals, alert message queue, inventory details and price lists, apart from a host of online (Crystal) reports that allows instant decisions based on real-time information. Small or large businesses – SAP Business One is an ideal companion.

Web Analytics Applications   SiteCatalyst
SiteCatalyst is a must-have app for those, who are in charge of managing online marketing campaigns. Digital marketing efforts call for meticulous planning and monitoring to be successful. This app facilitates web-analytics on real-time metrics, such as visitor traffic and behaviour, site navigations as well as lead conversions, to measure, analyse and correct the course of a marketing initiative to make it commercially viable.

Productivity Applications   Office Suite Pro 6+ (Android)
While there are several applications that allow the user to view office documents on mobile devices, Office Suite Pro 6+ allows the user to create, edit, view, print as well as share office documents while on the move. The app supports a file browser and integration with document sharing apps, such as Drop Box and Google Docs. Email attachments of most formats including PDFs can be viewed.

Citrix Receiver
This piece of client software allows content access across mobile devices, performance and visual effects refined to suit the device specifications and network capabilities. Ideal way to improve productivity as the work items are easily accessible anywhere, anytime.

This application when installed on the personal computer and downloaded to the mobile phone, allows the user to remotely control the PC, running applications and accessing content over 3G or Wi-Fi networks.

This expense reporting application has been designed to track and retrieve credit card payment details and electronic receipts, making it quite easy to prepare an expense report after a tiring business trip. Paper receipts can also be processed to generate a report in a PDF format.

Jotting down notes has been easy with Evernote, with the application capable of capturing voice, images as well as text.  Ideas, feedback, or simple musings can all be recorded for future reference.

Dragon Dictation
This speech recognition application is yet another way of recording thoughts, be it a formal business letter or a fleeting inspiration.

Drop box is a virtual storage application that runs on the cloud, allowing users to save, share and access content remotely from any device, doing away with physical disk space and access limitations. Contents remain safe, even if the device is lost or compromised.

Communication Applications
Cisco WebEx
Virtual meetings are instant and hassle-free with use of Cisco WebEx that offers high-quality voice and video transmission required during business meetings.  

Skype   Skype is widely used for conferences among company staff working at different locations, making it easier for them to interact with each other, especially during crisis situations.

Nice-to-have Applications   Locale
Locale is another intelligent app that automatically toggles a mobile phone to the silent mode based on the settings, so that business meetings go undisturbed, while personal calls get noticed when at home. The app also switches off power guzzling services, especially when a recharge is due, if the setting is enabled.

Bump (iPhone and Android)
This is an interesting application that enables users to share content across mobile phones by simply bumping them with each other.  The latest version allows users to offload content from mobiles phones onto their desktops.

Instapaper  Busy people looking to catch up with news and other business articles of interest will find this app useful.  The app captures an offline copy of the selected articles to be read later, apart from highlighting other stories that are popular within its reader community.   Irrespective of whether a device has an iOS, Android, Blackberry or Windows OS onboard, there are a host of free, as well as paid apps available to meet specific business and productivity requirements of working professionals on the move. The right mix of apps does make a difference.

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