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Have you ever found yourself away from your PC but itching to find out how many places your website has moved up in search rankings, how many hits you’ve had that day or have you just wanted to know that if the changes you made to your html has improved the rendering of your site on other browsers making visitors stay longer on your pages and reducing your bounce rate?

Let’s face it, we can’t always carry our laptops everywhere we go, and in this 3G enriched mobile age analysis isn’t the boring number crunching endeavour it used to be. Mobile applications are now at a point where I can comfortably say “I can leave my laptop at home”, and I can update our clients at FDC on the progress of their SEO anywhere I go. Number crunching and lugging laptops around is a thing of the past; when I’m on the move all I need is my Android smartphone and my top 5 SEO Applications…


Developer – TheDroidProject
Android Market Score – 4.1/5
Reviews – 94
Price – FREE / Paid version available

SEO SERP TRACKER is a great tool to find where your websites are ranking for specific keywords; all you need is a URL and a list of keywords and you’re set!

Setting up the application is made easy with a series of buttons across the bottom of the screen giving you the choices to add, manage, access settings and view the in-app info. The drop down menu allows you to add as many websites as you want but don’t be surprised if it adds random numbers after each one.

Unfortunately the downside of the application is that it’s limited to, which in some cases may be ok but as a local or regional SEO in the UK you probably want to see results in This setting is only available in the paid version.


Developer – Mentoremate LLC
Android Market Score – 4.9/5
Reviews – 11
Price – FREE

So you’re out on a client meeting and your sales team call you to ask if you can provide a rough idea on how much work a website may need to get it up to scratch. You can’t throw a random number out because you haven’t audited the website, and you can’t audit the website because you don’t have your laptop…nightmare! Well fear not, SEO SCORECARD is the application for you if you need a quick overview of how a website is doing with its SEO. Although It’s not a complete auditing tool (and I don’t recommend using it to audit a website), it is a helpful little app to give you some idea on the level of SEO a site has received in the past.

SEO SCORCARD or SPYDERMATE is powered by a series of more powerful online tools that give a simple yet informative overview of a website on your android device. SEO SCORECARD will tell you the domain authority; how many backlinks a website has; the number of Facebook shares; the number of Tweets and the domain age. You can even keep a history of sites you’ve checked and track any developments.


Developer – DroidsOnRoids
Android Market Score – 3.9/5
Reviews – 47
Price – FREE / Paid version available

Developed by a Polish company SEO SERP APP has everything you could need to track your SERP positions. It’s simple and easy to use interface makes adding your URLs and Keywords a doddle. What’s even better is that it has its own keyword suggestion tool that populates the most relevant keywords for you. Another great thing about this app is that it has the regional search engine types available for selection. So whether you’re in based in Poland or the UK you can tailor your search engine for your user’s geographical area.

One downside to the application we found is that it seems to only allow 1 domain and 3 keywords to be tracked at any time…come on guys! (However you can unlock this feature with the paid for version)

Apart from that one major negative point about the application, it has a solid layout, design and gives accurate up to the minute results- honestly I checked!


Name – Analytix
Developer – Folkert
Android Market Score – 4.3/5
Reviews – 276
Price – £1.30

In at second place and nearly pinching the top spot we have Analytix. Analytix is the only application that comes close to our number one spot and with nearly all the features of our number one, why shouldn’t it!? It’s colourful, vibrant and packs everything you’d expect from a great Mobile SEO tool.

Analytix is compatible with multiple accounts and even has a comparable feature which allows you to pinpoint and compare analytics for the previous year in graphical format. Up to date statistics on every aspect of Google Analytics is thoroughly and graphically presented in the app with an easy to digest, visually stimulating and highly creative display of colour and data. If you like your analytics presented in a fresh new way and like more options to play with, this is the program for you.


Name – G Analytics
Developer – eBapps
Android Market Score – 4.6/5
Reviews – 1254
Price – FREE

Bravo to “eBapps” the development team behind GAnalytics, the only application that we have seen on the Android market that has everything you would expect to find in Google’s own Google Analytics, and we mean everything! The application supports multiple accounts and Google’s My Client Centre account types, which for online marketing agencies like ours is a “must have” feature.

With a fantastic array of up to date graphs and charts to view, this amazing application is feature enriched and full of detailed visual data. Almost every aspect of Google Analytics is covered and squeezed into this FREE application, a must have app for SEO’s of every level, it’s like having the full power of Google’s Feature rich Analytics application in your back pocket, no laptop required!

The clean Google styled theme makes the app feel like it is part of Google’s selection of tools. In fact it’s so good it’s surprising how GAnalytics isn’t already acquired by Google to be part of the Google Apps Family.

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So there you have it- our top 5 mobile SEO apps. If you found this post to be interesting or would like to know more, feel free to contact me by clicking the link below.

By Sunny Chana

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